Monday, 16 September 2013


Monday nights are offically Zumba nights for me now. Just came back from a class and that was hilarious! I now know where Miley Cyrus got all her latest moves :P

Tomorrow in London's Fashion Week, daughter of John Rocha- Hong Kong Irish- based designer, Simone Rocha is showing her latest at 11am at the Topshop Venue at Regent's University. Adidas by Stella McCartney will also be premiering but to be honest I do not like Adidas - I have absolutely none of their clothes. I really don't have any casual clothes!! I love dresses... I have so many and I rarely wear them but you know they're just nice to have :) Dear Lord my mother would kill me for that! But if you've checked the Instagram and Twitter out today you'll see I bought a lovely orange dress from Public Romance in Galway, and a Cheetah print cardy with black fringes - off to buy my winter clothes I said..

Anyways off topic there  - sorry! - Meadham Kirchoff is hitting the catwalk at 3pm, also at the Topshop Venue at Regent's University. I love quirky and wacky things, it's my favourite thing about fashion, and that's why I adore Meadham Kirchoff!! The quirky and the fearless as I like to call it (to myself that is!).

Sorry this will be a short one again guys, I'm not all that interesting today see as I spend a good bit of time in the NUIG college bar :P Will let you know all the dets with GTI tomorrow - 9am, Fashion Design!

Let the games begin
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