Thursday, 5 September 2013

Best Buys #1

Heya :) so I had a lazy day today and was wondering what to write about, so I decided just to show you some of the style in my room! These are from everywhere really, love these pieces! 

This ring is from Cotton Face Vintage in Galway, Ireland! Cost me €5, which is amazing considering how detailed and unique the ring is! Loads of quirky treasures and vintage pieces at Cotton Face Vintage :) 

This dress is pretty prom-ish in my opinion, and after I bought it my mum went online and bought the same one from! Lovely royal blue and sequins in the middle, it's soooo elegant and swooshy :) It cost me $54! ModCloth is an American website full of clothes that make me want to turn into a 1950s housewife and wear them all day! They also sell mini home-ware stuff.
This dress is from the pre-loved section from Cotton Face Vintage! I don't know if you can see but the bottom of the dress is actually black lace :) All the clothing at Cotton Face Vintage is spectacular, just like this dress - only €8!!! And so comfy too :) Make sure to look up the website and Facebook page:
I got this dress on a girly holiday to London at the start of August! It's from a kick-ass brand called Iron Fist. You may know them better from their shoes, I honestly had no idea they did clothing. Got this in Camden for £54! Pretty cool right??
Every month in Galway there's a market on called Pandora's Thrift Box! Loads of people come along to sell their unique pieces :) I bought this for.... €11 I think (?!!) This is a really cool necklace by JUNK Jewellery :)

Well that's all for now :) sorry the pics arent that great the lighting in my room is shocking!! xoxo
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