Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My Introduction to Fashion!

So today was really something else - my introduction to life as a FASHION DESIGN STUDENT! :)

9.00am to 10.40am - Woke up, bed head and all! Got myself some tea and gluten free toast, to be healthy I grabbed a handful of cherries only to find out they went off last week (ugh!). Did my makeup and got dressed in my gear! On the bus into town, kept checking my phone to make sure I was keeping good time! I was expecting the bus to break down or something (only me!). Walking up to the school and see one of the girls I know walking towards me (Thank God!). Always  great stuff so we chatted and went inside, up the stairs into the big room, waiting for everyone else to run in and start...

11.00am to 12.30pm - So people began pulling the chairs out and stuff. The fashion design and fashion business and retail people all in the same room together, and then the teachers rolled in :) They introduced themselves and sent everyone around sheets with the general "I obey all rules and accept all the terms blah blah blah", my advice for... well everyone - Bring a PEN! (I had one but many were stuck!). Then we got our sheet of modules (subjects) and how they would be assessed (Example: Fashion Industry & Design Studies - Assignment 60%, Project 40%). I'm not completely sure what that means but yeah :). There was a little slide show as well, stuff on it that applied to both courses and then some individual to one or the other. That was all fine like! I was nervous going in but to be honest I was like screaming in my head "Be Confidence you idiot!", so I like introduced myself to randomers and stuff (it helped :P ). Anyways after that we were herded into our classes like fashion design on one side of the room, and fashion business and retail on the other. We had to do those "get-to-know-each-other" (always awkward) exercises. We had 5 mins to introduce ourselves to each other, and try and remember as many names as possible! Right now I think I remember like 7, which isn't too bad considering there's only like 15 (maybe 17) girls in the class :P Thankfully only like two girls were asked to recite the names and then we all cleared out to the big main buildings cafe! So we grabbed a couple chairs and I sat down with the girls, and we waited for registration to begin ^_^

1.00pm - In the main building the registration was in the main corridor, on the left. A huge row of chairs filled with people from all different courses! I know there was like fashion design, maybe security, music tech and.... I dunno actually :P. I had to say it was funny, chatting to the girl beside me then hearing "NEXT!" from the top of the hall, and everyone grabbing their stuff and moving up in chairs! Felt like I was slowly moving up in the world :) When I finally reached the top of the line I went into this small room and there was two guys in there. They asked me my name and course, then  I sat on a chair, they took my pic and I got my student card and username and password to my GTI computer account :) I felt so privileged lol! So one of the girls and I went exploring round the big building and it was pretty cool!!! 

In all (sorry if the above was really boring!!) the day was a success! All the teachers and facility were really nice, so that  makes the transition from secondary school to college that much easier :) One thing I love is that I'll be in a class full of lovely people who are all interested in the same thing! I'm not due to start until Tuesday but I honestly can't wait! I'm so excited and ready for this! 

So yeah that's all the dets! Later naked people!
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