Wednesday, 18 September 2013

From London to Milan

First there was New York,
Then there was London,
Now, It's Milan Baby - Benvenuto Modaioli (Let's hope Google translate didn't let me down there!)
Yes Milan's Fashion Week has kicked off!!! Fun for everyone in the heart of Italy's industrial city.

But let's review on London, shall we?? Some crazy patterns and prints. 
With Holly Fulton there was a sort of star or sideways star pattern accompanied by, what looked like, an Aztec architecture print.  
In Preen there was a floral futuristic mesh with geometric shapes. It really reminded me of a shop in Camden called Cyber Dog - definitely give it a visit, it's like a nightclub and everything is neon with blue lights! Anyways (back on track)... 
Perspective came to a whole new level when discussing Peter Pilotto
Like wow kids, the design on the lace and some of the colours used looked like what happens when rainbows appear in bubbles ; ) Everything was very structured and it looked like floral were blazing! In fact, the whole line was a masterpiece of fire and ice! 
Geometric shapes featured in Roksanda Illcico's collection, along with lazy daisies and bold sun colours. 
Beautiful mosaics flourished with Tom Ford in, again, a futuristic way - calling Major Tom anyone? - but this was not without a cut in from Mother Nature- snake prints with leather and lace. 
Vivienne Westwood's Red Label was simply.. amazing! Dramatic and elegant. I spy tartan, the Lily of France pattern, stripes, florals - the works. I guess when you're a Queen of Fashion you pick up a few things along the way. I really want to learn how to do the makeup.
Loved Giles collection too! Not many people had 'Pinned' it to Pinterest but come on who doesn't want to do their thing in a series of lips, feathers, leathers and bats? I'm actually gonna attach the bat dress from Giles because it's so exaggerated and unusual! I know what I'm asking Santa for for Christmas - A Bat Hat!
Julien Macdonald just had such high class elegance and beauty in the clothes. It was like the models were wearing mesh armors of broken glass and repousse swirls. 
Mary Katrantzou's pieces were extremely 3D. Like of course I know all clothes are 3D but these pieces really came at you! I've never seem anything like it before but I feel it will be something to become very trendy very fast. 
Speaking of Fast, Mark Fast. Edgy and edgy is the only way I can begin to describe this collection :) Skin and woven wool - not only catchy but comfortable. Though with all those rips and hoops I wouldn't let him near me with a pair of scissors any day soon :)
McQ - Alexander McQueen - someone tie-dyed a snake (thank God because I hate those things). It was of course, a great collection with such an interesting colour palette. No bee-keepers in mourn this season. Hopefully bee-keepers in healing <3 

Well that's all from me tonight folks 
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