Friday, 13 September 2013

'Fashion Week' Take:2 Scene:London

See what I did there??

So yes London Fashion Week has kicked off! I think this might be more easily for me to follow because it's the weekend now, London is closer to home, and the whole time difference thing it taken care of. :) But I prefer the NY Fashion week.... Maybe because I love New York <3 Like London is great but I just find it to be a more squashed together version of New York. Hopefully, with the aid of the J1, I will spending summer 2014 interning in New York with some buddies :) That's the dream.

I learned a lot in college today - that I've 10 days of work experience to complete, I've to gain ideas for my report on an Irish (living) fashion designer, and I learnt the role of a Fashion Designer. I honestly didn't know half of the stuff a fashion designer must do, and I don't like admitting I don't know stuff (especially when it comes to fashion!).

Role of a Designer: 
1. They research.
2. Find inspirations.
3. Create theme.
4. Get samples, decide on fabrics.
5. Create colour palette.
6. Sketch and draw ideas.
7. Create a flat drawing with measurements.
8. Create TWOL (I think that's how you spell it).
9. Pre-collection.
10. Production.
11. Liaise with stylist, manufacturer, and buyer.

Course that's not the whole thing, and I'm not gonna go into detail because I've only been at this course a week! If anyone is thinking of going to GTI, so far I recommend it :) .

From NYC Fashion Week: My favourite collections were from Prabal Gurung, Pamela Gonzales, Oscar de la Renta, Betsy Johnson, Thom Browne, ThreeAsFour, Kate Spade, Jeremy Scott, Zac Posen,and Delpozo.
Velvet is coming back big and thank God because I love it :) Pastel and bold colours mixed with darker, autumn and classic colours. In my opinion there's a great emphasis on legs and skirts and pants (call it like I see it). Eccentric patterns are clearly seen, and it feels like Tim Burton had something to do with these designers, it's like something out of one of his movies and I love it :) ..... I think I love too much in general ...

Well my honey bees, this is good night.
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