Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Assignment #1

How's everyone doing today???

Well I'm very proud of myself because I finished my first assignment as a fashion student  I made a pin cushion :) And here's a pic of the front (right) and back (left) . First I had to make the pattern, get the fabric, cut out the pattern and pin it to the fabric, and cut. You do this twice for the front and back. Then I used the sewing machine (switched it from straight line setting to zig-zag - because I'm awkward like that) - I got the two fabrics and put them like a book, with the cover on the outside because you'll have to turn it inside out. Sew it on three sides. On the last side sew to a quarter way from top and quarter way from the bottom. Turn inside out and stuff with cotton or whatever, then  hand stitch it together - Happy Out!!!
We also learned about our recycled project - it's for the finished piece we will be displaying to the world at the GTI Fashion Fiesta in April 2014, can't wait! For Friday we need to fill out a mind map with stuff that we like in relation to colour, garment shape, fabrics, inspiration, etc. So I'm here on the couch with the last three issues of Vogue (I honestly don't think I can put the scissors to them!), and ELLE's 2013 S/S Collection Book. Oh almost forgot the HUNGER issue 4. Let the inspiration flow! :)

I'll tell all on my views on London's Fashion Week tomorrow - oh wow patterns and prints go leor lads ;)

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