Sunday, 1 September 2013

A little bit of me!


1st post (little weird :P) Uh.... I was never really any good at keeping diaries, I tried when I was nine but there's just a load of crappy stickmen playing frisbee!
Short stories! Yeah, I can write those, and God knows I create such messed up screenplays in my head! I tried to write a book once though, I think I was like.... 14 (?!), and I got pretty far in it but my problem is: I got bored :( But this time, oh no!

Leaving school and heading into college has definitely made me realize one thing: I'm getting older! Somehow the whole primary school to secondary school labelled me into a time frame (hopefully that makes sense!). I didn't feel like I was getting older or anything because I was still gonna end up in the same place the next year, everyone was! And now, that's all changed!
People are moving out, moving away :'( It's really exciting but I still feel like I'm a child (technically I am!). I feel like turning around to my friends half the time and being like "Woah when did you turn 18?"

So yeah, I'm still a kid (outta nappies and all!), and I'll be staying at home this year cuz FASHION called and we're best friends now! I'm sorry that was painfully corny and just terrible :/ Anywho, I'll be a fashion student in a weeks time (I think!) and I'm really excited :) I always liked fashion and dressing up in my mum's knee high leopard print boots...... they were for a Halloween party but, to be fair, she kept them for quite some time :/ .... Since the age of 3, I wanted to be a singer, and I was so into that and determined.. Until I entered a singing competition a few yonks ago. Did the audition and all well, but when it came to the crowd at the next stage, I panicked! :( I did my song with the mike shaking in my hands and left!
Realising that I'd no hope in music, I just looked for something creative.... and eventually I found fashion! I'm not gonna tell you some inspirational story on "how I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer", I just remember scribbling a face in class once and being like, "OK she needs some clothes!" :P And it all just came together... my new creative outlet!

I believe that designing a dress is really no different from writing a song. It all starts with inspiration and emotion :) Has a beginning, middle, and end! (Though in terms of fashion that is arguable) :/ But every part of that, is a bit of you and your voice, your opinion, your stamp!

Anyways I should pack this is up....
Night night xoxo
Freaky Smudge

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