Sunday, 15 September 2013

LONDON CALLING - so cliche right?

So yeah it's London Fashion Week and there's a buzz around the town.

Irish fashion designer Orla Kiely shows off her preppiness! Gotta find out where I can get my hands on those cute berets and animal-face bags :) From looking at Preen and JW Anderson, there's a real futuristic vibe with the strong pale colours and umbrella like material - reminds me of the Prabal Gurung collection too. The Sister by Sibling pieces kind of remind me of Jeremy Scott with this whole 60/70's feel surrounding the collection. If there's one thing that Temperley and Pearce Fionda have in common it's the timeless classical image. Well done guys, very well done :) Mulberry and Holly Fulton have a few similarities in their pieces, seen in the pants to my view. But I do like them, they take the classical to a new level with playful patterns and mixed materials - mixed and flattering. That's important as it can go pretty wrong!

Loving London Fashion Week so far! I'm going to stick up this pic from Pearce Fionda - It's a velvet dress :) how lovely!

Well I'm super excited seeing as I'll be going to the Galway Blogger's Bash on Saturday!! Along with doing my driving theory test for the second time :) I only failed by 5 points the last time so I pray that this time I'll get it and I'll be walking out the door like "SUCK IT!!!" ... if I fail again... in the words of Hayden Panettiere in Nashville, I'll be "crying black mascara tears"!

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