Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Oh God it feels like a migraine!

So if any of ye saw the pic I posted to Twitter this morning, you'll know that it was POURING this morning (like after 8am?!) but by 10am, thankfully, it went away. Though it was wet but humid, and dark but bright :P I love Galway but the weather is seriously bipolar...
I went to the National University of Ireland, Galway or NUIG this morning to visit some friends there and by God is that place huge! They only brought me into the Arts/Science Building and it felt like being in an airport terminal... Crazy stuff! It's such a pain that they have Starbucks when I'm too afraid to try the coffee in our cafeteria! I think they could smell the GTI off me, it felt like trespassing in the Garden of Eden (lol). But they don't have fashion....

So day two was great fun, and very long! My first class at 11am was Commercial Fashion Design! We were told about our assignments for the year, and also the things we would be studying in Fashion Appreciation. So we're going to be learning the History of Fashion from 1870 onwards (all I could think of was Marie Antoinette), and we'll be writing reports on Irish designers! We also have to do an assignment on a historical designer (between 1870 - 1960). Through the year we will be studying fashion, decade by decade, and keeping pics of all the stuff we like and come across throughout the week. At the end of the year we will gather all these pics up and create a book with captions of each decade :) Sounds pretty cool!

After this we had Embroidery and I have to say that using the sewing machine to create a straight line is not an easy task :P I've a pic here of my progress (if I can really call it that..), but it was loads of fun, until I realized that I'd three sheets of shapes to do and the class was two hours long... o.O

After what seemed like such a short break to me (and I was feeling so sick, pity please!), we went back for a whopping 3 hours of Pattern Drafting.... It sounds so boring but to be honest it wasn't that bad! Kinda like a class dedicated to joining the dots :)  We have assignments here as well that we'll be completing throughout the year, like making a pin cushion, a (tote?) bag, uhhhh a skirt... and an outfit with an accessory!! So today we made the patterns for the pin cushion and the back of the skirt. I gotta say it was pretty interesting and cool, and it makes the whole "make-your-own-crap" process easier when it's explained to you like that. Also we will most hopefully be going to London in February to look at fabrics! It sounds like such a granny getaway sort of thing but I think everyone just heard 'London' and was like "we NEED to go!".

Counting down the time until 6 was rough, and I'm so tired, but so far I'm loving college life. Meeting new people is great, and I'm lucky that there aren't any b-itches in my class! One thing that annoys me is that I don't have a uniform anymore and I have to wear something new everyday.... I'm like two weeks away from wearing my pjs in ><

Hitting the hay asap!
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