Thursday, 13 February 2014

Freaky's Wardrobe

Hey Smudgers, what's up??

So Valentine's Day is hitting us tomorrow and maybe you need a gaviscon for all the mushy love that's travelling near and far! I hate that whole 'lonely single heart' crap that pops it's head up around this time of year; maybe you're single because no one can stand the sight of you (haha like MOI!) :) or you are just because you are! Whether you're snuggling up to a lover or a hot water bottle make sure you keep warm in this weather.
                "Dear God - WDF IS GOING ON UP THERE?!?!?!"

The weather is seriously all over the place - storms, rainfall, trees falling, and now SNOW?! People in Kerry and Cork were told not to leave their homes the last day and there were reports of a mini tornado in Mayo :O Not the season to be wearing short skirts anyway; Marilyn would have frozen her ass off in this weather!

So far this year it's been a bit topsy turvy :/ I'm one of the many students this year getting my portfolio ready for admissions into art college, and with life in a clutter I'm going to reline my chakras... Nah ta hell I'm selling some clothes :P
If you by chance find yourself in Galway city on the 22nd of February head on up to the Electric Garden on Lower Abbeygate Street where I will be selling some of my most cherished pieces! My rule: if I haven't worn it in a year I probably won't wear it again. So my stall will be called "Freaky's Wardrobe" and I'll make it pretty with lights and stuff ^_^ I've some vintage pieces and clothes from all over the world so make sure to have a look at Freaky's Wardrobe!
Speaking of Fashion and all things nice, do we love the A/W season so far??? So far my must-sees are Zimmermann, Desigual and Diane Von Furstenberg but there's still so much to see :) Check out the Freaky Smudge facebook page so you can get all your A/W 14 NYC pics and updates in a flash - :P Here's a little taster..


 Diane Von Furstenberg

This season we have traveled back to primary colours but I gotta say it's about time! With all the new high technology and experiments with different materials and the structure of garments, it's nice to be brought back to basics :) 

So that's all from me :) Let me know your Valentine's Day plans and enjoy the crazy weather <3
Freaky Smudge

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Kicking it in NYC

New York Fashion Week has kicked off again for another catwalk special - Ready to Wear A/W 14 :)

And of course it's great!!! There's lots to look forward to with the law of the season set in order; one can see a clash between the warm red and oranges of autumn and the harsh greys and whites of winter. It's hard to even talk about winter with summer right around the corner ( although it REALLY doesn't feel like it :P ).
But no matter how cold it gets, there's always room for playful pastels and daring leopard prints.

 Hache (left) and Derek Lam (below).

If there was a feeling to describe the vibes being shone at us, it would definitely be: WOMEN OF POWER, BE AFRAID - yes, with the preppy business look and bold colours paired with a feminine soft touch, it's the season for survival!

Faux fur seemed to be the ultimate piece to top any outfit off with which made me SO VERY HAPPY because I LOVE faux fur. Hats, collars; you name it and it was seen :)

As always with fashion, the past gets pulled to the present for inspiration and guidance. In the Creatures of Comfort collection, I thought that there was a very Audrey Hepburn/ 50's style going on. The same could be said for the pieces of Erin Fetherston. A lot of lyrca looking materials to be found along with my long time love, velvet!

In fashion clashing and contrast help us determined the must with the must-nots. Something I've noticed with the collections I've come across so far this season is the contrast between preppy playful and sexy daring - it's all about the business for the ladies of A/W 14! There isn't a huge emphasis this time round on defining the waist or the hips. Lots of loose fitted wear hovering around the place.

Florals and relaxed statement tees took a shine on stage, with the fruit bowl prints seen at the Ostwald Helgason show. Stripes and polka dots - no show is complete without an appearance from either one. A lot of graphics being sported on the Desigual side of things :) A collection, which I must admit, is my favourite so far! This collection was all about the colour and the less depressing side of the chilly months - large floral prints with polka dots and loud opinionated clothing! Not a grey cloud in sight.

With Charlotte Ronson in a close second, it was a tough call for Freaky - Velvet, florals and lace! The collection was edgy and bold with the rich dark colours of the season. (What can I say I'm all about the frigging colours - that's what helps make it exciting!!).

Well I'm going to leave you all with this update so far but no worries, it's Fashion Week and there's plenty more where that came from. Don't forget to check out the Freaky Smudge Facebook and Pinterest page for pics!!!

Sleep tight beauts
Freaky Smudge