Sunday, 29 September 2013

Voice It

I think I've lose my voice, I'm very hoarse today. Sound like one of those Jazz singers... this can definitely inspire an outfit for tomorrow :)

I'm keeping up again with Paris Fashion Week which ends tomorrow, also ending the S/S 14 wardrobe.  Well it was definitely fun, huh!?
I'm loving the stuff from Paris, as you do. With the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Balmain, Manish Arora, and Jean Paul Gautier, an invitation to this fashion week is every fashionistas dream :)

I don't think I've seen such a moving collection in ages!
The way I perceive this is the inner torment one can face. A challenge. what a person is really trying to say by the clothes they wear. Sometimes we can feel invisible, alone, unwanted. But through the clothes we wear, I believe, we express more than words ever could.
"I AM HERE I AM HERE" - without these words shining through the dark all we would notice is a plain black top and skirt combo. We can feel very enraged when we think no one out there listens to us. We begin to resent the people we love for not noticing our pain or frustration. However, in times like these when we are blinded by our own troubles, we forget other people. We make other people feel invisible as well because we get so wrapped up in our own little world. Sometimes you need to "SILENCE YOURSELF", get rid of the noise of sadness and torment, to find the solution.

Friday, 27 September 2013


Sorry about my not posting last night, I have to say with college and everything, all the work piling on, I'm getting lazy and this is unacceptable! I'm going to change the font on this thing as well maybe, make it easier to read.

My reason for last night, it was Arthur's Day- a notorious (mainly aimed at students) event which dictates that everyone drink, preferably Guinness, to their hearts content... Today I rocked into college feeling like Bambi learning how to walk. Lesson #1: Guinness is disgusting, and Lesson #2: Going into college on a hangover is not the smartest move to make. Live and learn I guess..

But what really perks me up is looking at all the style on the runways and then talking about them in class :) It's times like this when I praise the Lord for Been following them for 2 years now so I know my research and what have you! Oh and if you have a chance check out this amazing photographer, TOMAAS (right) - has definitely helped inspire me for my recycled garment project.
Anyways yes gotta love Paris! So far I've been looking at brands like Azzaro, Balenciaga, etc. Everything is either fitted or shoots out, white being a favourite of the season, as clearly seconded by Nina Ricci. I have to say there are quite a few cold and pastels colours that seem to be coming our way. But Dior is having none of it - beautiful oranges and blue (a tasteful combination). A shredded look as well which I haven't seen much of except for ThreeAsFour.

Metallics are in according to Lanvin (left), I love anything that sparkles or shimmers and the light simply glorifies this collection.  I have to say that from pretty much every collection I've stalked so far there has been such an emphasis placed on the neck- whether their wearing a scarf, chunky necklace or elongated neckline, all road signs point this way.

Loving the 'Sailor meets Grease' vibe I'm getting off Olympia Le-Tan. Between this under-water adventure and Orla Kiely's preppy Explorer, it's so hard to chose. And where can I get a pair of those low cut cowboys shoes featured in the Paco Rabanne collection?? Not normally my thing but cute.

Well that's all from me tonight gang. Again sorry about the sloppiness on the posts but if there is one thing you can count on it's that the Pinterest page is up to date! Facebook and Twitter doing well as well! Hope everyone had a good Arthur's night if you were out! One lesson I learned last night the hard way  - there are some awful weirdos out, and if you feel you're in an awkward situation it's okay to "overact" or whatever, as long as you get out of there! I didn't freak out in time but thankfully there are some decent people in the world!

Anyways, night my readers :)
Freaky Smudge

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Did someone die in this???

How's everyone doing this week?
Well in Galway; 18-22 degrees, they said.... Be grand, they said..
They were wrong! Instead it rained but then again it's Ireland..

So at college we're still brain storming for our recycled garment project, and this morning we went on a little class trip to the wonderful charity shops. I have to say that although I didn't buy anything I wish I had, especially when I went to Candy on Sea Road (Hairdresser/Vintage shop). Very nice things! We also went to the Simon Community shop, the Good as New shop, and the Saint Vincent de Paul shop, which is a favourite of mine. Here's pics of some stuff I saw and will hopefully inspire me for this project :)  Here's two pics of some things I saw which will hopefully inspire me for this project!  
 We also spent the remainder of the day making our bags which will be able to fit all our stuff in it (tote bags made from calco). It would have been fine but I think everyone was in a weird mood today, and the iron was on for pressing the fabric and it was hot.. damn! I was one of the people that didn't have their calco in today (on the to-do list for tomorrow), but thankfully there are three massive bins of fabrics and materials so no worries there. The pocket of my tote is now Winnie the Pooh's face :) Not ideal but still good.... Tigger was always my favourite....

So Milan Fashion Week has ended with Paris Fashion Week beginning!! Some great stuff from the last week though, without a doubt. Loved the Just Cavalli collection- loads of energy in the clothing. I thought that the majority of the collections were darker than expected for me. So may Paris bring colour! So far so good!

Well my darling buds,
Freaky Smudge

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Hey guys,
I know I've been no blogging, and I do apologize but I've taken time away from the computer screen to....

In school we got our briefs for our recycled garment project - so basically we'll be going around, find things that inspire us, and use this and old garments/materials/objects to transform it into an outfit!
I've a slight idea of what I want to do but I'm not telling ;)
So I was gonna be a good girl - stay in and study for my driving theory test, study for school, clean my room - all the stuff Friday nights are for!

But no, I attended Galway's Fourth Annual Zombie Walk!!!!
Yes I dressed up (as a survivor) and headed down to the Spanish Arch with my friends. At 8pm there was already a great crowd down there. I had one of the girls do my makeup and it was FAB! Fair play my huni bee! There were loads of photographers and it was one of those nights were you just meet EVERYONE - there was even a zombie Jesus!
At 10pm, with a poster saying "Brains!" on it, we all took to the streets of Galway (from Spanish Arch to Eyre Square). People enjoying their meals outdoors on Quay Street were surprised to say the least! :) Traffic literally stopped for us.
Note to self: If one night as a zombie was fun, Zombie Apocalypse will be a RIOT!
At Eyre Square there was an unreal fire show. I could never do something like that for fear that my extreme clumsiness would result in the loss of my eyebrows... Oh well!
I shall most definitely be attending this event next year!

Being a zombie sure is exhausting, no wonder they're always moaning (hey! anyone?..anyone?..)
This morning I made a really tough decision - stay blonde or return to my natural brunette self.. I have to say, as someone who's been on both sides of the fence - blondes have more fun! I've been bleach blonde for over a year now and loving it. But I had an interview today for a shop with a little more conservative style... and my mum really wanted me to dye it. So I did... I'm brunette again. I hope I got the job now otherwise I'll be ticked off :P
I also had my second driver theory test today, and failed again :/ I got the exact same score as I did the last time (30/40) and you need 35 to pass. The bad thing is that they don't even tell you the questions you got wrong! Oh well, try and try and try again :)
Anyways, after my fail, I attended the Galway Bloggers Party at the House Hotel! It was great stuff :) I was helping at the Cotton Face Vintage stall with the gorgeous Sinead Lally. I saw loads of fashion bloggers walking around and in my head I was like "OMG I READ YOUR BLOG!" - starstruck like the eejit I am! There was also a lovely fashion show (I'll stick up the pics on Facebook) and I loved all the style. It was such a cool experience as well - would definitely go again and suggest that well, everyone goes too!

Uh...that was my day pretty much so far....
Freaky Smudge

Thursday, 19 September 2013

New Rule!

Heya everyone! Am gonna just blog every second day if that's ok!
I'm really boring otherwise :)
Hope everyone is having a great day and getting all cozy for the Christmas.
Make sure to tell all your friends and folks about the pages for Freaky Smudge.
Love ye loads,
Freaky Smudge

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

From London to Milan

First there was New York,
Then there was London,
Now, It's Milan Baby - Benvenuto Modaioli (Let's hope Google translate didn't let me down there!)
Yes Milan's Fashion Week has kicked off!!! Fun for everyone in the heart of Italy's industrial city.

But let's review on London, shall we?? Some crazy patterns and prints. 
With Holly Fulton there was a sort of star or sideways star pattern accompanied by, what looked like, an Aztec architecture print.  
In Preen there was a floral futuristic mesh with geometric shapes. It really reminded me of a shop in Camden called Cyber Dog - definitely give it a visit, it's like a nightclub and everything is neon with blue lights! Anyways (back on track)... 
Perspective came to a whole new level when discussing Peter Pilotto
Like wow kids, the design on the lace and some of the colours used looked like what happens when rainbows appear in bubbles ; ) Everything was very structured and it looked like floral were blazing! In fact, the whole line was a masterpiece of fire and ice! 
Geometric shapes featured in Roksanda Illcico's collection, along with lazy daisies and bold sun colours. 
Beautiful mosaics flourished with Tom Ford in, again, a futuristic way - calling Major Tom anyone? - but this was not without a cut in from Mother Nature- snake prints with leather and lace. 
Vivienne Westwood's Red Label was simply.. amazing! Dramatic and elegant. I spy tartan, the Lily of France pattern, stripes, florals - the works. I guess when you're a Queen of Fashion you pick up a few things along the way. I really want to learn how to do the makeup.
Loved Giles collection too! Not many people had 'Pinned' it to Pinterest but come on who doesn't want to do their thing in a series of lips, feathers, leathers and bats? I'm actually gonna attach the bat dress from Giles because it's so exaggerated and unusual! I know what I'm asking Santa for for Christmas - A Bat Hat!
Julien Macdonald just had such high class elegance and beauty in the clothes. It was like the models were wearing mesh armors of broken glass and repousse swirls. 
Mary Katrantzou's pieces were extremely 3D. Like of course I know all clothes are 3D but these pieces really came at you! I've never seem anything like it before but I feel it will be something to become very trendy very fast. 
Speaking of Fast, Mark Fast. Edgy and edgy is the only way I can begin to describe this collection :) Skin and woven wool - not only catchy but comfortable. Though with all those rips and hoops I wouldn't let him near me with a pair of scissors any day soon :)
McQ - Alexander McQueen - someone tie-dyed a snake (thank God because I hate those things). It was of course, a great collection with such an interesting colour palette. No bee-keepers in mourn this season. Hopefully bee-keepers in healing <3 

Well that's all from me tonight folks 
Freaky Smudge

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Assignment #1

How's everyone doing today???

Well I'm very proud of myself because I finished my first assignment as a fashion student  I made a pin cushion :) And here's a pic of the front (right) and back (left) . First I had to make the pattern, get the fabric, cut out the pattern and pin it to the fabric, and cut. You do this twice for the front and back. Then I used the sewing machine (switched it from straight line setting to zig-zag - because I'm awkward like that) - I got the two fabrics and put them like a book, with the cover on the outside because you'll have to turn it inside out. Sew it on three sides. On the last side sew to a quarter way from top and quarter way from the bottom. Turn inside out and stuff with cotton or whatever, then  hand stitch it together - Happy Out!!!
We also learned about our recycled project - it's for the finished piece we will be displaying to the world at the GTI Fashion Fiesta in April 2014, can't wait! For Friday we need to fill out a mind map with stuff that we like in relation to colour, garment shape, fabrics, inspiration, etc. So I'm here on the couch with the last three issues of Vogue (I honestly don't think I can put the scissors to them!), and ELLE's 2013 S/S Collection Book. Oh almost forgot the HUNGER issue 4. Let the inspiration flow! :)

I'll tell all on my views on London's Fashion Week tomorrow - oh wow patterns and prints go leor lads ;)

Night Night
Freaky Smudge

Monday, 16 September 2013


Monday nights are offically Zumba nights for me now. Just came back from a class and that was hilarious! I now know where Miley Cyrus got all her latest moves :P

Tomorrow in London's Fashion Week, daughter of John Rocha- Hong Kong Irish- based designer, Simone Rocha is showing her latest at 11am at the Topshop Venue at Regent's University. Adidas by Stella McCartney will also be premiering but to be honest I do not like Adidas - I have absolutely none of their clothes. I really don't have any casual clothes!! I love dresses... I have so many and I rarely wear them but you know they're just nice to have :) Dear Lord my mother would kill me for that! But if you've checked the Instagram and Twitter out today you'll see I bought a lovely orange dress from Public Romance in Galway, and a Cheetah print cardy with black fringes - off to buy my winter clothes I said..

Anyways off topic there  - sorry! - Meadham Kirchoff is hitting the catwalk at 3pm, also at the Topshop Venue at Regent's University. I love quirky and wacky things, it's my favourite thing about fashion, and that's why I adore Meadham Kirchoff!! The quirky and the fearless as I like to call it (to myself that is!).

Sorry this will be a short one again guys, I'm not all that interesting today see as I spend a good bit of time in the NUIG college bar :P Will let you know all the dets with GTI tomorrow - 9am, Fashion Design!

Let the games begin
Freaky Smudge

Sunday, 15 September 2013

LONDON CALLING - so cliche right?

So yeah it's London Fashion Week and there's a buzz around the town.

Irish fashion designer Orla Kiely shows off her preppiness! Gotta find out where I can get my hands on those cute berets and animal-face bags :) From looking at Preen and JW Anderson, there's a real futuristic vibe with the strong pale colours and umbrella like material - reminds me of the Prabal Gurung collection too. The Sister by Sibling pieces kind of remind me of Jeremy Scott with this whole 60/70's feel surrounding the collection. If there's one thing that Temperley and Pearce Fionda have in common it's the timeless classical image. Well done guys, very well done :) Mulberry and Holly Fulton have a few similarities in their pieces, seen in the pants to my view. But I do like them, they take the classical to a new level with playful patterns and mixed materials - mixed and flattering. That's important as it can go pretty wrong!

Loving London Fashion Week so far! I'm going to stick up this pic from Pearce Fionda - It's a velvet dress :) how lovely!

Well I'm super excited seeing as I'll be going to the Galway Blogger's Bash on Saturday!! Along with doing my driving theory test for the second time :) I only failed by 5 points the last time so I pray that this time I'll get it and I'll be walking out the door like "SUCK IT!!!" ... if I fail again... in the words of Hayden Panettiere in Nashville, I'll be "crying black mascara tears"!

Freaky Smudge

Please don't hurt me!

Hey guys!

I'm so sorry I don't really have anything to say tonight (You must be delighted :) ). I've just spent the last hour trying the get this stupid qvo6 thing off my computer! It just came up when I was downloading an episode of Sons of Anarchy (which is pretty amazing by the way). Some how I got rid of it but man that was such a pain! Not one of the only stupid things I've done today, or this week!

Irish designer Orla Kiely was showing her collection at London Fashion Week this morning, I really need to get on the ball and keep up! The highlight of my weekend has been sleep and this months issue of Vogue arriving in the mail - super exciting as always! Hope you're all gonna like the Facebook page for Freaky Smudge, would really help to spread the word.

Shows I will definitely be looking forward too tomorrow:
1pm - L'Wren Scott @ Gasgosian Gallery - 6-24 Britannia Street
3pm - Moschino Cheap & Chic @ RIDA Studios - 72 Brewery Road
5pm - Vivienne Westwood Red Label @ German Gymnasium - 26 St.Pancras Road

If you've read my 'Inspirations' post, you'll know that I love Vivienne Westwood :) I wish I had a really cool and powerful name like that. I share the surname of a certain movie star that has just dragged it through the dirt so I'm at a loss there - thanks Lindsey! But even so I don't have a name that I'd consider to be High End material, if that makes sense.

Oh well maybe I'll just change my name and someday you'll see 'Smudge' up in lights ;)

Later kids
Freaky Smudge

Friday, 13 September 2013

'Fashion Week' Take:2 Scene:London

See what I did there??

So yes London Fashion Week has kicked off! I think this might be more easily for me to follow because it's the weekend now, London is closer to home, and the whole time difference thing it taken care of. :) But I prefer the NY Fashion week.... Maybe because I love New York <3 Like London is great but I just find it to be a more squashed together version of New York. Hopefully, with the aid of the J1, I will spending summer 2014 interning in New York with some buddies :) That's the dream.

I learned a lot in college today - that I've 10 days of work experience to complete, I've to gain ideas for my report on an Irish (living) fashion designer, and I learnt the role of a Fashion Designer. I honestly didn't know half of the stuff a fashion designer must do, and I don't like admitting I don't know stuff (especially when it comes to fashion!).

Role of a Designer: 
1. They research.
2. Find inspirations.
3. Create theme.
4. Get samples, decide on fabrics.
5. Create colour palette.
6. Sketch and draw ideas.
7. Create a flat drawing with measurements.
8. Create TWOL (I think that's how you spell it).
9. Pre-collection.
10. Production.
11. Liaise with stylist, manufacturer, and buyer.

Course that's not the whole thing, and I'm not gonna go into detail because I've only been at this course a week! If anyone is thinking of going to GTI, so far I recommend it :) .

From NYC Fashion Week: My favourite collections were from Prabal Gurung, Pamela Gonzales, Oscar de la Renta, Betsy Johnson, Thom Browne, ThreeAsFour, Kate Spade, Jeremy Scott, Zac Posen,and Delpozo.
Velvet is coming back big and thank God because I love it :) Pastel and bold colours mixed with darker, autumn and classic colours. In my opinion there's a great emphasis on legs and skirts and pants (call it like I see it). Eccentric patterns are clearly seen, and it feels like Tim Burton had something to do with these designers, it's like something out of one of his movies and I love it :) ..... I think I love too much in general ...

Well my honey bees, this is good night.
Freaky Smudge

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Don't Laugh at my Jelly!

In order to kinda get into blogging tonight I've this song drumming in my ears - Blue by Eiffel 65 (Classic!)
They don't make songs like this anymore :(

So really getting stuck into the whole college thing now, though I know I'll be so tired for the next week or two! This was the outfit I wore today, along with that 'Screw You' necklace from JUNK Jewellery that I put up last week in my "Best Buys #1" post. The teal top is from a charity shop though I'm pretty sure the origin was H&M, as was the skirt (bought in London). I got the white 'Whatever' top from Jennyfer (bought in Rome). I have to say that whenever I am abroad I always get cool stuff in Jennyfer and Berschka! :) The black tights are Penneys finest, and the pink neon beanie from Cotton Face Vintage :)

So two hours of Commercial Fashion Design this morning though we really just went around the classroom, getting a feel of everyone's background and what they want to do after the course. Some people have done the most interesting things - It's so cool!! I guess that's one thing about meeting new people; everyone comes from a different walk of life and has different experiences.

During our hour break I ran to Penneys to buy this adorable pale blue dress with little flamingos on it :) I know that sounds weird but my mum bought this dress yesterday and I saw it this morning and was like "This shall be mine!!". Sure it was €15, and so cute! Had to get a 12 because all that was left was size 16/18/20, but I think a red chunky belt would look nice with it... If I can find one. After this we had Problem Solving which is basically going over all the problems we're having with assignments and projects, etc. I was expecting like an AA meeting or something :P But no we went over the steps on how to make our pin cushions and got some materials which was great fun!

Then we had 4 drawing classes- this was... well I found it difficult because I did Art in Leaving Cert. and when  we sat into the class today the teacher told us to look at the arrangement in front of us (bananas, apples, kiwis, an orange, and leaves) and just draw the lines. No shading or perspective, so it was definitely a change. Practice makes perfect... damn! :) I'm sure I'll get the hang of this eventually!

Anyways, after I had a lovely chicken stir-fry for dinner (yummy!) I went to get up to date with the latest on the Fashion Week - which has ended today- and I gotta say that I would love to be a model for Betsy Johnson! I think anyone would, all those models looked like they were having a blast and the clothes were so fun :) leopard prints and sparkles and candyfloss colours (what more could a girl ask for).  Loved this collection, and Oscar de la Renta. Oscar never fails! I didn't get a chance tonight to check out the Marchesa stuff, but I'll always remember the dress that Olivia Wilde wore to the 2011 Golden Globes. Look it up if you have a chance, was beautiful!!!!!

Oh before I forget, can you guys please follow me on this, and Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Bloglovin! I would really appreciate it. You're all probably really sick of me asking that but ya know - gotta get the message out there.

Sorry if this was kinda a crap post but I'll make up for it or something :) Maybe a give-away on Facebook.... Got your attention yet???
Later kids.... Oh and the jelly thing was that I bought some for lunch but forgot to get a spoon :'( apparently funny stuff... :(
Freaky Smudge

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Oh God it feels like a migraine!

So if any of ye saw the pic I posted to Twitter this morning, you'll know that it was POURING this morning (like after 8am?!) but by 10am, thankfully, it went away. Though it was wet but humid, and dark but bright :P I love Galway but the weather is seriously bipolar...
I went to the National University of Ireland, Galway or NUIG this morning to visit some friends there and by God is that place huge! They only brought me into the Arts/Science Building and it felt like being in an airport terminal... Crazy stuff! It's such a pain that they have Starbucks when I'm too afraid to try the coffee in our cafeteria! I think they could smell the GTI off me, it felt like trespassing in the Garden of Eden (lol). But they don't have fashion....

So day two was great fun, and very long! My first class at 11am was Commercial Fashion Design! We were told about our assignments for the year, and also the things we would be studying in Fashion Appreciation. So we're going to be learning the History of Fashion from 1870 onwards (all I could think of was Marie Antoinette), and we'll be writing reports on Irish designers! We also have to do an assignment on a historical designer (between 1870 - 1960). Through the year we will be studying fashion, decade by decade, and keeping pics of all the stuff we like and come across throughout the week. At the end of the year we will gather all these pics up and create a book with captions of each decade :) Sounds pretty cool!

After this we had Embroidery and I have to say that using the sewing machine to create a straight line is not an easy task :P I've a pic here of my progress (if I can really call it that..), but it was loads of fun, until I realized that I'd three sheets of shapes to do and the class was two hours long... o.O

After what seemed like such a short break to me (and I was feeling so sick, pity please!), we went back for a whopping 3 hours of Pattern Drafting.... It sounds so boring but to be honest it wasn't that bad! Kinda like a class dedicated to joining the dots :)  We have assignments here as well that we'll be completing throughout the year, like making a pin cushion, a (tote?) bag, uhhhh a skirt... and an outfit with an accessory!! So today we made the patterns for the pin cushion and the back of the skirt. I gotta say it was pretty interesting and cool, and it makes the whole "make-your-own-crap" process easier when it's explained to you like that. Also we will most hopefully be going to London in February to look at fabrics! It sounds like such a granny getaway sort of thing but I think everyone just heard 'London' and was like "we NEED to go!".

Counting down the time until 6 was rough, and I'm so tired, but so far I'm loving college life. Meeting new people is great, and I'm lucky that there aren't any b-itches in my class! One thing that annoys me is that I don't have a uniform anymore and I have to wear something new everyday.... I'm like two weeks away from wearing my pjs in ><

Hitting the hay asap!
Freaky Smudge

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Day One Down

To quote the well known words of Asher Roth - "I Love College".

Such a fun day! Classy me, I was five minutes late this morning! Though I felt okay as myself and five other girls were the only people in the entire classroom... Only to discover that we were late and the teacher had moved the class to a different room, only to return to us a half an hour later :) 
My first class of the day was (guess what?) Fashion Design! There we were told the basic things we would be learning, like improving our drawing etc. And we did a "get-to-know-each-other" exercise. That went by pretty fast and then we had an hour break. The biggest change I'm going to have to get used to is that my friends in other courses at the college had different timetables!! 
(My most recent conversation via text)  -->
Me: when's your lunch tomorrow?
Short Friend: From one til two :) u?
Me (even shorter friend): UHHHH two til three!

Hard Life! :P
After lunch, I was late again by like 2 minutes, and to be fair I went to the bathroom! But the teacher didn't care so all good there. Then began Continued Materials in which we learned about all the different equipment we needed, that we would be creating a skirt during the year, creating a pin cushion, and what we would be doing in Pattern Drafting, Embroidery and Garment Construction (because it was the same teacher for those classes). Then, with the use of the buddy system (kidding!) our teacher brought all 24 of us out of the Claddagh House and into town. From there we went to Powell's on the Four Corners and bought a set square and two sheets for patterns. There was such a temptation to buy a colouring book but I fought the urge :) Next we went to Hickey's in the Eyre Square Shopping Centre to look at all the cobs, different things that we needed yet half of us didn't have the money to buy it, etc. 

In all it was a really good day! Anyone from Galway will know that, although it has the 3rd (I think) biggest city in Ireland, it's a pretty small place - met loads of girls from the ole secondary school, and met people that I didn't even know were going to G.T.I.! Had such a laugh and cannot wait to go back tomorrow :)

I have to say that I couldn't keep up with the stuff from Fashion Week today as well as I would have hoped so I'm just going to add these pics which I loved from Kate Spade and Thom Browne to the Facebook page. Guys really do check out Thom Browne's collection - speechless to say the least, and very.... Tim Burton, in my opinion! 
Freaky Smudge

Monday, 9 September 2013

The Week of "Designers I Love Displaying the Clothes I can Never Have!"

Also known as Fashion Week!

Yes I have been glued to my computer screen and TV for the majority of the day (Praise FashionTV!) because of all the lovely clothes :) I have to say I really do hate it when models have, as Elvis Duran called it, BRF or Bitchy Resting Face. I want to see a model who's happy to be there! I think the models and the clothes stand out more, and it's just nice to see a smile! I'm going to stick up this pic from the Opening Ceremony's line.

Look at her (above right)! She's happy :) and that's why I love this pic, and also this outfit. Lovely stuff from the Opening Ceremony; Reds, blues and blacks at this show, escorted by eye catching patterns! It's like when you catch that spirally metal in the sunlight, or some freaky 70's thing!

(Left) Milan based, Delpozo, is definitely turning my head :) The collection reminded me of an "Alice in Wonderland" sort of theme. Some outfits, in my opinion, icing-like. Other pieces were more bold, playful colours. Floral patterns spotted. Would keep an eye out for this one!

I was loving the collection from Prabal Gurung. (Right) Loads of colours and all up for the bright lipstick, always a big fan! Patterns are really something else, and I would love to know where they purchased the class sunglasses :) Make sure to check out the collection - so far my favourite stuff!

Trying to keep this short and sweet like me (corny strike#1). Other brands which I adored were ThreeAsFour (left), and Pamela Gonzales

Hey, please wish me well on my first official day at college tomorrow :) will report back with all the dets! Make sure to like Freaky Smudge on Facebook and Twitter!
Freaky Smudge! 


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Fashion Week from my couch!


So I wasn't No.1 on the NYC'S Fashion Week guestlist but no worries! Live (I think) coverage coming to me from Fashion TV - the soul purpose of TV!! :)

Some great stuff coming our way it seems - patterns of a ... tribal sort if I may call them that. They kinda look like the Lily of France design ??! Floral making a lovely appearance on the whole. We can also see pastels mixed with darker colours (a new autumn look). Animal prints and fringes - where would we be without them? :P  Fall 2013 has a certain.. I don't know I guess boldness about it! Something striking... Violent is not the word but there's a real feminist power like mixed with fire, if ya get me! Not the best with conveying this, sorry!

Hopefully someday you'll be seeing my designs on these runways, coming to life! That's my dream (apart from the whole regular family, house, kids, etc.) but that's what I want. I want a line that says "Alexander McQueen meets Vivienne Westwood, and did a swingers thing with Balmain and Meadham Kirchoff" - strange I know but if you keep reading my blog you'll get to know I'm a little... weird and corny!

LANVIN - wow that jewellery is bright! Loving the velvet! And the "you" heart necklace :) Actually I'm really just looking out for the necklaces here, they are pretty cool!

I'm going to do more from my end here and report back!

Oh and I successfully set up a Twitter and Facebook page, also an Instagram and Pinterest so please check it out guys, give it a like so I know you're out there :)

Freaky Smug

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Getting on the Blog-Wagon

Hey, how's a going?

So I'm trying to make my blog more... well more! So as you can see I've added a Instagram button thingy, and I've set up a Pinterest account which I shall also link to this page when I discover how! I'm not all up to speed with technology. Like I was one of those computer generation babies or whatever! As far as I'm concerned I can go on Facebook, access my emails, use this blog, and go on YouTube and all that stuff - good enough for me! I can't deal with Ipads,Kindles or Tablets (sold my Kindle because I never used it and almost threw my mother's Tablet at the wall on numerous occasions cuz it's frustrating as hell!).
Anyways! So yup I'm get on the ole Facebook and make a page or something for this. Anyone remember Bebo? God those were the days! And you'd Heart people :) A simpler time!

I'm watching Insidious and so far so good but I have to say (as a Horror Movie Life Long Lover!) Sinister was one of the best horrors I've seen in God knows how long! Seriously love Ethan Hawke <3 Would highly recommend the movie!

So go away and let me watch this and upgrade this blog yok!
Night everyone :)
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Friday, 6 September 2013


So I was really stuck about what to write about today!
Needed some Inspiration and that actually gave me an idea...

What gives you inspiration?? 

For me I guess it's a really good song, or walking in the woods seems to clear my head (the woods round here are sooo creepy but amazing!). If I'm looking for some fashion inspiration then yeah some music and a good few hours on WWD (Women's Wear Daily). Inspiration for life, well there's loads, right?
Some find it from a picture, a movie, a long drive at nightfall, or even at the end of a bottle (not the best!). 

I saw this the last day on the back door of a bathroom stall, this hopefully inspired a load of people! And it definitely but a huge smile on my face! :) 

I think it's incredible in fashion to see the extreme and colorful pieces, things you would never think of, walking down the catwalk - someone made that! Designed that! Thought of that! Dreamt of that! They were inspired to make memorable clothing and make jaws drop, but where did it all come from?
I'm sure every designer has been asked the same question over a thousand times but still, it's amazing :)

Sorry to wrap this up early but yeah that's one of my little takes on the world of fashion.
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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Best Buys #1

Heya :) so I had a lazy day today and was wondering what to write about, so I decided just to show you some of the style in my room! These are from everywhere really, love these pieces! 

This ring is from Cotton Face Vintage in Galway, Ireland! Cost me €5, which is amazing considering how detailed and unique the ring is! Loads of quirky treasures and vintage pieces at Cotton Face Vintage :) 

This dress is pretty prom-ish in my opinion, and after I bought it my mum went online and bought the same one from! Lovely royal blue and sequins in the middle, it's soooo elegant and swooshy :) It cost me $54! ModCloth is an American website full of clothes that make me want to turn into a 1950s housewife and wear them all day! They also sell mini home-ware stuff.
This dress is from the pre-loved section from Cotton Face Vintage! I don't know if you can see but the bottom of the dress is actually black lace :) All the clothing at Cotton Face Vintage is spectacular, just like this dress - only €8!!! And so comfy too :) Make sure to look up the website and Facebook page:
I got this dress on a girly holiday to London at the start of August! It's from a kick-ass brand called Iron Fist. You may know them better from their shoes, I honestly had no idea they did clothing. Got this in Camden for £54! Pretty cool right??
Every month in Galway there's a market on called Pandora's Thrift Box! Loads of people come along to sell their unique pieces :) I bought this for.... €11 I think (?!!) This is a really cool necklace by JUNK Jewellery :)

Well that's all for now :) sorry the pics arent that great the lighting in my room is shocking!! xoxo
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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My Introduction to Fashion!

So today was really something else - my introduction to life as a FASHION DESIGN STUDENT! :)

9.00am to 10.40am - Woke up, bed head and all! Got myself some tea and gluten free toast, to be healthy I grabbed a handful of cherries only to find out they went off last week (ugh!). Did my makeup and got dressed in my gear! On the bus into town, kept checking my phone to make sure I was keeping good time! I was expecting the bus to break down or something (only me!). Walking up to the school and see one of the girls I know walking towards me (Thank God!). Always  great stuff so we chatted and went inside, up the stairs into the big room, waiting for everyone else to run in and start...

11.00am to 12.30pm - So people began pulling the chairs out and stuff. The fashion design and fashion business and retail people all in the same room together, and then the teachers rolled in :) They introduced themselves and sent everyone around sheets with the general "I obey all rules and accept all the terms blah blah blah", my advice for... well everyone - Bring a PEN! (I had one but many were stuck!). Then we got our sheet of modules (subjects) and how they would be assessed (Example: Fashion Industry & Design Studies - Assignment 60%, Project 40%). I'm not completely sure what that means but yeah :). There was a little slide show as well, stuff on it that applied to both courses and then some individual to one or the other. That was all fine like! I was nervous going in but to be honest I was like screaming in my head "Be Confidence you idiot!", so I like introduced myself to randomers and stuff (it helped :P ). Anyways after that we were herded into our classes like fashion design on one side of the room, and fashion business and retail on the other. We had to do those "get-to-know-each-other" (always awkward) exercises. We had 5 mins to introduce ourselves to each other, and try and remember as many names as possible! Right now I think I remember like 7, which isn't too bad considering there's only like 15 (maybe 17) girls in the class :P Thankfully only like two girls were asked to recite the names and then we all cleared out to the big main buildings cafe! So we grabbed a couple chairs and I sat down with the girls, and we waited for registration to begin ^_^

1.00pm - In the main building the registration was in the main corridor, on the left. A huge row of chairs filled with people from all different courses! I know there was like fashion design, maybe security, music tech and.... I dunno actually :P. I had to say it was funny, chatting to the girl beside me then hearing "NEXT!" from the top of the hall, and everyone grabbing their stuff and moving up in chairs! Felt like I was slowly moving up in the world :) When I finally reached the top of the line I went into this small room and there was two guys in there. They asked me my name and course, then  I sat on a chair, they took my pic and I got my student card and username and password to my GTI computer account :) I felt so privileged lol! So one of the girls and I went exploring round the big building and it was pretty cool!!! 

In all (sorry if the above was really boring!!) the day was a success! All the teachers and facility were really nice, so that  makes the transition from secondary school to college that much easier :) One thing I love is that I'll be in a class full of lovely people who are all interested in the same thing! I'm not due to start until Tuesday but I honestly can't wait! I'm so excited and ready for this! 

So yeah that's all the dets! Later naked people!
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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

11 hours,29 minutes and counting

How's a going everyone??
A little voice in my head is echoing "Is anybody out there??" (Hopefully!)

So I've an Induction day at my new place of education tomorrow! Anyone from Galway, Ireland will know the place - the Galway Technical Institute or GTI! I'm really excited but also naturally nervous. Fashion is competitive, I'd even go so far as to say that fashion is more competitive than medicine! So while I get to meet new people tomorrow who I'll be studying with for the next year, I'll also be scoping out the talent (I guarantee I won't be the only one). 

Anyways so I bought this Animal Woven Black Jumper in Warehouse, Co.Cork for €50. I think I'll wear this tomorrow with black jeans, and Penneys (Primark) finest little black boots with buckles :)  Oh my journey through Patrick's Street in Cork I came across an adorable and amazing little shop called Peacock and Ruby! I spend about half an hour pacing the entire shop, wanting to buy EVERYTHING! I settled for cute black and gold earrings (€3) and a bracelet of delicate flowers (€12.50) :) I love vintage things and quirky treasures, this shop made my day!

Here's the Facebook link to their page if anyone is interested:

Well I'm gonna pack it in early and get an early night!!
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Monday, 2 September 2013


Me again :)

Damn it's really hard to type when everyone else is asleep and there's a crafty little ass of a fly snooping round the room!
So I wanted to add a little something: my Inspirations! These people, in my opinion, are amazing :) My idols, my mentors (I wish!), people that I would love to meet, though a few have passed on :( These aren't in order of who I admire the most or anything just to be clear so I'm not going to number but give a little bit on what they mean to me.

Edith Piaf of the LBD - A woman whose words I cannot understand, but whose song I can.

Marlene Dietrich, Queen of Androgyny - Amazing actress and rule breaker, classic!

Vivienne Westwood, a Mother of Fashion - If I'm still designing clothes at her age I'll count myself one of the lucky ones.

Alexander McQueen, a Prince of Fashion - A Visionary! A man whose immense creativity shows so much emotion and depth.

Lady Gaga, a Warrior - Yes I know some may think it's very cliche for me to put her down but to me Lady Gaga is a warrior, a revolutionary, pushing boundaries and breaking, well, everything!

So yeah that's a little more on me and what makes me tick! :) These five people (and five is my lucky number so kinda an extra bonus!) really move me and inspire me. I've added one of my favorite pics; it's Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf who were actually great friends, which makes me so happy!

Well that's it from me tonight,
Later my naked strangers (....creepy stuff)
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Sunday, 1 September 2013

A little bit of me!


1st post (little weird :P) Uh.... I was never really any good at keeping diaries, I tried when I was nine but there's just a load of crappy stickmen playing frisbee!
Short stories! Yeah, I can write those, and God knows I create such messed up screenplays in my head! I tried to write a book once though, I think I was like.... 14 (?!), and I got pretty far in it but my problem is: I got bored :( But this time, oh no!

Leaving school and heading into college has definitely made me realize one thing: I'm getting older! Somehow the whole primary school to secondary school labelled me into a time frame (hopefully that makes sense!). I didn't feel like I was getting older or anything because I was still gonna end up in the same place the next year, everyone was! And now, that's all changed!
People are moving out, moving away :'( It's really exciting but I still feel like I'm a child (technically I am!). I feel like turning around to my friends half the time and being like "Woah when did you turn 18?"

So yeah, I'm still a kid (outta nappies and all!), and I'll be staying at home this year cuz FASHION called and we're best friends now! I'm sorry that was painfully corny and just terrible :/ Anywho, I'll be a fashion student in a weeks time (I think!) and I'm really excited :) I always liked fashion and dressing up in my mum's knee high leopard print boots...... they were for a Halloween party but, to be fair, she kept them for quite some time :/ .... Since the age of 3, I wanted to be a singer, and I was so into that and determined.. Until I entered a singing competition a few yonks ago. Did the audition and all well, but when it came to the crowd at the next stage, I panicked! :( I did my song with the mike shaking in my hands and left!
Realising that I'd no hope in music, I just looked for something creative.... and eventually I found fashion! I'm not gonna tell you some inspirational story on "how I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer", I just remember scribbling a face in class once and being like, "OK she needs some clothes!" :P And it all just came together... my new creative outlet!

I believe that designing a dress is really no different from writing a song. It all starts with inspiration and emotion :) Has a beginning, middle, and end! (Though in terms of fashion that is arguable) :/ But every part of that, is a bit of you and your voice, your opinion, your stamp!

Anyways I should pack this is up....
Night night xoxo
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