Monday, 2 September 2013


Me again :)

Damn it's really hard to type when everyone else is asleep and there's a crafty little ass of a fly snooping round the room!
So I wanted to add a little something: my Inspirations! These people, in my opinion, are amazing :) My idols, my mentors (I wish!), people that I would love to meet, though a few have passed on :( These aren't in order of who I admire the most or anything just to be clear so I'm not going to number but give a little bit on what they mean to me.

Edith Piaf of the LBD - A woman whose words I cannot understand, but whose song I can.

Marlene Dietrich, Queen of Androgyny - Amazing actress and rule breaker, classic!

Vivienne Westwood, a Mother of Fashion - If I'm still designing clothes at her age I'll count myself one of the lucky ones.

Alexander McQueen, a Prince of Fashion - A Visionary! A man whose immense creativity shows so much emotion and depth.

Lady Gaga, a Warrior - Yes I know some may think it's very cliche for me to put her down but to me Lady Gaga is a warrior, a revolutionary, pushing boundaries and breaking, well, everything!

So yeah that's a little more on me and what makes me tick! :) These five people (and five is my lucky number so kinda an extra bonus!) really move me and inspire me. I've added one of my favorite pics; it's Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf who were actually great friends, which makes me so happy!

Well that's it from me tonight,
Later my naked strangers (....creepy stuff)
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