Friday, 6 September 2013


So I was really stuck about what to write about today!
Needed some Inspiration and that actually gave me an idea...

What gives you inspiration?? 

For me I guess it's a really good song, or walking in the woods seems to clear my head (the woods round here are sooo creepy but amazing!). If I'm looking for some fashion inspiration then yeah some music and a good few hours on WWD (Women's Wear Daily). Inspiration for life, well there's loads, right?
Some find it from a picture, a movie, a long drive at nightfall, or even at the end of a bottle (not the best!). 

I saw this the last day on the back door of a bathroom stall, this hopefully inspired a load of people! And it definitely but a huge smile on my face! :) 

I think it's incredible in fashion to see the extreme and colorful pieces, things you would never think of, walking down the catwalk - someone made that! Designed that! Thought of that! Dreamt of that! They were inspired to make memorable clothing and make jaws drop, but where did it all come from?
I'm sure every designer has been asked the same question over a thousand times but still, it's amazing :)

Sorry to wrap this up early but yeah that's one of my little takes on the world of fashion.
Freaky Smudge

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