Tuesday, 3 September 2013

11 hours,29 minutes and counting

How's a going everyone??
A little voice in my head is echoing "Is anybody out there??" (Hopefully!)

So I've an Induction day at my new place of education tomorrow! Anyone from Galway, Ireland will know the place - the Galway Technical Institute or GTI! I'm really excited but also naturally nervous. Fashion is competitive, I'd even go so far as to say that fashion is more competitive than medicine! So while I get to meet new people tomorrow who I'll be studying with for the next year, I'll also be scoping out the talent (I guarantee I won't be the only one). 

Anyways so I bought this Animal Woven Black Jumper in Warehouse, Co.Cork for €50. I think I'll wear this tomorrow with black jeans, and Penneys (Primark) finest little black boots with buckles :)  Oh my journey through Patrick's Street in Cork I came across an adorable and amazing little shop called Peacock and Ruby! I spend about half an hour pacing the entire shop, wanting to buy EVERYTHING! I settled for cute black and gold earrings (€3) and a bracelet of delicate flowers (€12.50) :) I love vintage things and quirky treasures, this shop made my day!

Here's the Facebook link to their page if anyone is interested: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peacock-Ruby/126503104035354

Well I'm gonna pack it in early and get an early night!!
Freaky Smudge

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