Friday, 27 September 2013


Sorry about my not posting last night, I have to say with college and everything, all the work piling on, I'm getting lazy and this is unacceptable! I'm going to change the font on this thing as well maybe, make it easier to read.

My reason for last night, it was Arthur's Day- a notorious (mainly aimed at students) event which dictates that everyone drink, preferably Guinness, to their hearts content... Today I rocked into college feeling like Bambi learning how to walk. Lesson #1: Guinness is disgusting, and Lesson #2: Going into college on a hangover is not the smartest move to make. Live and learn I guess..

But what really perks me up is looking at all the style on the runways and then talking about them in class :) It's times like this when I praise the Lord for Been following them for 2 years now so I know my research and what have you! Oh and if you have a chance check out this amazing photographer, TOMAAS (right) - has definitely helped inspire me for my recycled garment project.
Anyways yes gotta love Paris! So far I've been looking at brands like Azzaro, Balenciaga, etc. Everything is either fitted or shoots out, white being a favourite of the season, as clearly seconded by Nina Ricci. I have to say there are quite a few cold and pastels colours that seem to be coming our way. But Dior is having none of it - beautiful oranges and blue (a tasteful combination). A shredded look as well which I haven't seen much of except for ThreeAsFour.

Metallics are in according to Lanvin (left), I love anything that sparkles or shimmers and the light simply glorifies this collection.  I have to say that from pretty much every collection I've stalked so far there has been such an emphasis placed on the neck- whether their wearing a scarf, chunky necklace or elongated neckline, all road signs point this way.

Loving the 'Sailor meets Grease' vibe I'm getting off Olympia Le-Tan. Between this under-water adventure and Orla Kiely's preppy Explorer, it's so hard to chose. And where can I get a pair of those low cut cowboys shoes featured in the Paco Rabanne collection?? Not normally my thing but cute.

Well that's all from me tonight gang. Again sorry about the sloppiness on the posts but if there is one thing you can count on it's that the Pinterest page is up to date! Facebook and Twitter doing well as well! Hope everyone had a good Arthur's night if you were out! One lesson I learned last night the hard way  - there are some awful weirdos out, and if you feel you're in an awkward situation it's okay to "overact" or whatever, as long as you get out of there! I didn't freak out in time but thankfully there are some decent people in the world!

Anyways, night my readers :)
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