Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Day One Down

To quote the well known words of Asher Roth - "I Love College".

Such a fun day! Classy me, I was five minutes late this morning! Though I felt okay as myself and five other girls were the only people in the entire classroom... Only to discover that we were late and the teacher had moved the class to a different room, only to return to us a half an hour later :) 
My first class of the day was (guess what?) Fashion Design! There we were told the basic things we would be learning, like improving our drawing etc. And we did a "get-to-know-each-other" exercise. That went by pretty fast and then we had an hour break. The biggest change I'm going to have to get used to is that my friends in other courses at the college had different timetables!! 
(My most recent conversation via text)  -->
Me: when's your lunch tomorrow?
Short Friend: From one til two :) u?
Me (even shorter friend): UHHHH two til three!

Hard Life! :P
After lunch, I was late again by like 2 minutes, and to be fair I went to the bathroom! But the teacher didn't care so all good there. Then began Continued Materials in which we learned about all the different equipment we needed, that we would be creating a skirt during the year, creating a pin cushion, and what we would be doing in Pattern Drafting, Embroidery and Garment Construction (because it was the same teacher for those classes). Then, with the use of the buddy system (kidding!) our teacher brought all 24 of us out of the Claddagh House and into town. From there we went to Powell's on the Four Corners and bought a set square and two sheets for patterns. There was such a temptation to buy a colouring book but I fought the urge :) Next we went to Hickey's in the Eyre Square Shopping Centre to look at all the cobs, different things that we needed yet half of us didn't have the money to buy it, etc. 

In all it was a really good day! Anyone from Galway will know that, although it has the 3rd (I think) biggest city in Ireland, it's a pretty small place - met loads of girls from the ole secondary school, and met people that I didn't even know were going to G.T.I.! Had such a laugh and cannot wait to go back tomorrow :)

I have to say that I couldn't keep up with the stuff from Fashion Week today as well as I would have hoped so I'm just going to add these pics which I loved from Kate Spade and Thom Browne to the Facebook page. Guys really do check out Thom Browne's collection - speechless to say the least, and very.... Tim Burton, in my opinion! 
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katerini mou said...

That s interesting ! Keep posting ! We d love to see some more :)

Aisling said...

Really interesting! I cant wait to hear more :) I'd love to do some kind of fashion course, I was actually looking at one in Galway! But i'll have to wait till i'm finished the degree i'm doing now haha :) x