Monday, 30 December 2013

New Years!

Hey Smudgers! :)
Happy New Year!!!! What are your plans for the day???? Partying up with friends? Spending time with the folks? Or maybe something truly spectacular in order to start the new year the right way!

We all go for the general New Years Resolutions - lose weight, go gym, eat healthy, quit smoking, stop nagging, etc. But they're usually things that we keep for a month and then fall off the wagon. Maybe, just a suggestion, you choose some small resolutions this year! Here's mine :)

1. Blog more  - I'm really sorry that since September my blog have become few and far apart, but hopefully I can stick to this on in 2014!

2. Eat healthier - If there's a bag of crisps or jellies going I can't say no, but at least I can try. This may sound strange but I seriously don't like chocolate :/

3. Books - I'm usually very good for reading book after book but this year hasn't been so good! I'm also going to accumulate a good collection of fashion books :) help me expand my knowledge and the such!

4. Be more out-going  - I'm going to go to more events, festivals, gigs, nights out! Sometimes, happens to everyone, we lose our 'going-out-mojo' - let's get that back!

5. Confidence/ Spontaneity - Life is short and you can be afraid to make a fool of yourself every once in a while - God knows I've done some crazy stuff but eventually I've learned to laugh about it. So I guess the more ridiculous things I do this year, the more I'll have to laugh about later!

That's all I've come up with so far! I know that New Years is an annual let-down for some, including me, but I really do have a great feeling about the year to come. My 2013 has been right in the middle of good and bad - did my Leaving Certificate, got into a Fashion Design Course, went to Belgium - overall grand year! Maybe it was better or worse for you? I know there are years I never want to revisit, events I don't want repeated... We're here for a good time guys, not a long time! So don't worry about being embarrassed or what other people might think - The only person who's opinion matters is your own :) And I really do hope that 2014 will be good for all of us!
I did this last year and I plan on doing it again this year; write a letter to yourself on New Years Eve 2014 from yourself (today, tomorrow?) and write your resolutions in it and maybe something special. You may be pleasantly surprised next year by what you wrote!

STYLE!!!! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR!! - There are millions for traditions all around the globe that signify and welcome good omens for the year to come, but I think that as long as rock the New Year in with a bitchin look, then you can't go wrong!
Here's my style!!!
->> ->> ->>
Nail Varnish from M.A.C.

 Shoes from Barrett's in Galway

Dress from Public Romance 

 Bag from Santa

 Cozy shawl/scarf from Love Vintage in Clifden

Going all glitz and glam this New Years! 

And I hope you all have an amazing New Year, and that at midnight tomorrow, even if you're alone, Freaky is a blowing a lucky kiss your way! :) 

2013 Out! 
Freaky Smudge 

Monday, 23 December 2013

Untitled #316

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Music and Fashion sitting in a tree

Somewhere to Hide by the Shiny Toy Guns

 wanted to do something that brought my two loves together; fashion and music! One of my all time favourite bands are the Shiny Toy Guns :) Their latest release is this song, 'Somewhere to Hide'. While listening to this song I tried to create a suitable outfit that represents both band and song! Hopefully I achieved it :) 

My favourite band in the world is Kill Hannah! Like many bands they have many sides to their story - it could be the longing cry in my chosen song 'Promise Me', the wonder in 'Crazy Angel', or the need for speed in 'New York City Speed'. I hold this tastefully promotes the style of my favourite band :) And you see that target on the side; that'll be my first tattoo, except I'm swapping the heart for their butterfly ^_^

Anyways Freakazoids what's up???

The weather in Ireland is seriously mental tonight seeing as some random storm has hit our shores! The wind is howling (literally sounds like howling), and it's been raining all day!!! :O I have even seen several pictures on Facebook of car parks and roads flooded! 
If you're out there in Galway or the west coast today, please be careful guys; I regret to inform that several accidents have occurred today because of the weather, and unfortunately several deaths have followed so please take care of yourself!

On a happier note - Christmas is one week away, exactly ^_^ What's Santa getting new?? A new wardrobe??? 
I have been at my magazines again and keeping saying to myself, "oh I really need to get a pair of cigarette pants!" and "why don't I wear slogan tees more often?" - insane! Every year, I don't know if I'm the only one, I look at my wardrobe and I'm like "new ME!" and I'll have a feeling for how I should start the year, style-wise! I go through my vintage phases and pastels phases, and even my 'Taylor Momsen' phases, all in the search of my signature look...... I'm still not even close! I do though, have a pair of fake pearls that I bought at my first Pandora's Box and I wear them all the time! :) I remember one of my friends (I know you read my blog man and I love u :) ) turned to me and said "I love how you have your go-to pearls " (or something along the lines of that :P ) ! 


Wow that was cringe :P But anyways, check out the Freaky Facebook page for the latest pics from Pre-Fall 2014 - can't believe this year went by so fast! To be really honest, I hate New Years - always such a let down :( I don't know what people expect?! Like I do get that we celebrate the year gone by and the year to come, remember our achievements and losses.... but, and maybe it is just me, there's something in my chest or heart, like a longing... like something more is supposed to happen when we reach that 00:00 ...?? I don't know, maybe I'm just trying to reach the stars while I'm still small :P You have to grow in many ways to reach fulfillment :) 

Anyway my lovies :) Come on down to Pandora's Box at the Electric Garden, Galway from 12 - 6 pm on Saturday 21st of December - I will be selling cookies  and buns to help you prepare your tummy for all the calories you will consume at Christmas ^_^

Feeling peckish ....
Freaky Smudge

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I dreamt of stars and midnight blues

Hahha no I didn't but let's get over it :)
Smudgers, what's up?

Sometimes when we have bad mornings, noons, or nights, it's easy to just wanna give up! But I have a solution.... and a theory - it's all down to the music kids :) Today I was just not up for it and a certain walking so and so was just making me mad, but all I needed was a song! With all the right noises, I actually feel better! Here's my jam; - I Believe.

The Fashion has arrived again; swooping in with the Pre-Fall of 2014. Myself, I have yet to get all my bearings but don't worry, I'll be coming at ye with all my favourite pics, and of course the Freaky Smudge facebook page will be bopping with glam! Speaking of glam I did keep my promise and upload all the amazing looks of Style in the City that took place upstairs in the Stock Exchange, Galway on the 4th of December :) Feel free to have a gawk.

I'm still getting the hang of the whole Tumblr thing and as many of you faithful know, I'm not the best with technology - my phone terrifies me on a daily basis.... give me time!
("Give me time and I'll give you a Revolution" - Alexander McQueen) <- one of my favourite quotes and something I will definitely get tattooed on myself someday! I can't wait to get my tattoos, I'm underage now but when my birthday hits, oh sweet Divine, so excited :) Don't get me wrong and think I'm some stupid kid that wants unicorns on my face, I've really really thought about this and know that I'm not just getting a tattoo for the sake of showing some ink off.
Do you have a tat Smudger??? Views???

Back to fashion - I've been trying my hand to rock the 70's vamp makeup look but not too sure how well I'm doing! Awhh the 70's, eh guys??/ :)

Well now I'm rambling so I'll leave you to it!
Freaky Smudge

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tell Me Something I Don't Know!

heya Smudgers!!! Or freaky follower??? (we'll work on that later...)

How is everyone?? Getting ready for Christmas??? I love Christmas so much! :) When the lights go up in Galway city - it's Christmas. When the Christmas market comes to town - it's Christmas. When that ancient old Kellogg's ad comes on telly - it's Christmas.
Fun Fact: The little blonde girl from the Kellogg's ad had a small part in Mean Girls!

Anyways, I finished my recycled garment project (a very important part of my course!) and it will soon be in the windows of the GTI Fashion Building but it's not there yet, will let you know! It looks like a wedding dress.... ok fine it's a wedding dress! Originally a flower girl dress I wore in 2006, and with a dash of inspiration from Zac Posen, I created a wedding dress. Definitely not a traditional one! In the fashion show in April I'm going to copy the Dior "Enchanted Forest" look where the models have material over their faces and put black lace over my models face when she's wearing the dress. Before that thought crosses your mind; She is a very pretty girl!!! So apparently, back in the day, you were supposed to wear black if you were not a virgin when you got married, so this is kind of my modern take on the whole situation because let's face it; nowadays you're most likely gonna wanna test drive the car before you buy it ;)
I want it to be classy, modern, powerful - But my teacher suggested I sew buttons onto the bow at the front and now it looks childish but also "cute and playful" - not what I'm going for Miss!

Anyways tomorrow GTI is celebrating it's 75th Birthday :) there will be cupcakes, clothes, and loads of other things going on on the day, which is open to the public, to celebrate this event! All profits made will go to the Lifeboats Charity in Galway so if you need to get into some Christmas spirit and give a little, come on down! And this Freaky Smudger will be on the radio - yes IMMA BE ON THE RADIO MOM!!! :P My teacher asked me today of I wanted to talk on Galway Bay fm about the Level 5 Fashion Design course and I said "uhhh... sure!?!" I'm actually really chuffed and looking forward to it! Will be on between 12:00 and 12:30 so if you have a radio or some form of technology where you can listen in, please do! I really hope I don't mess up :/ It could go like this:
Presenter: "So are you enjoying the course?"
........................................................................................ damn girl!

Tomorrow is a very eventful day indeed  - kicking off at 5:30 pm in The Stock Exchange on Shop Street is "STYLE IN THE CITY!" - open to the public, great night guaranteed! :)
Drinks, clothes, fashion show - you'd be mad not to go!! I can't wait to get ready and head off!
I have this cool 80's dress that I got at the kilo sale in Public Romance recently and I really wan to wear it but I wore it on Saturday at Pandora's Box..... Think I can get away with it???

Stepping away from fashion for a second - Our Pope is class :) Yes people the new Pope in the Vatican, Francis I, used to be a bouncer in a nightclub (so be nice to every bouncer now because the next one to throw you out of a nightclub may just be the next Pope!). He also used to Tango with his ex-girlfriend! And sneaks out regularly to give money to the poor of Rome <3 Gotta love this guy, you don't even need to be religious to love this guy!

Anyways I will be posting pics of all the activities of tomorrow :) So that's a hint to look at my Twitter and Facebook page - maybe you look at the page, maybe you follow/ like it!
Night freaky people!
Freaky Smudge

Sunday, 24 November 2013

No Sugar In My Coffee Makes Me Mean

Well my dearies how has your weekends been???
Well on Friday night I went for a girly night with my two friends - down to Kelly's for a few cocktails :) Try the Pink Lady if you like something sweet! Or my friend got a Strawberry Daquiri and my Oh My that's good :) Here's a pic of it with my Mojito. Along with the live bands playing I gotta say it was a great night!!!

Last night I went to my friends 18th party and I'm a little rough around the edges today.... It's like someone got pliers on my temples :( But what a great night! I much prefer house parties with friends than going out because it's so much more relaxed with the people you know, you can dance like an eejit and instead of randomers in a club giving you dirty looks, your friends can take videos and put them online :)

So hope you all liked my interview with Natalie Coleman :) I was able to use it for my Irish Designer Assignment in college! But now that that's done a new project has been shoved my way - my Historical Designer Assignment (the work load never ends!). This is all part of the Art Appreciation Module of the FETAC level 5 Fashion Design course. I have to say that I actually feel more prepared for this one because I already know who I'm doing and have loads of info on them :)
Charles James - America's first Courtier - if you don't know him, look him up! And if you love evening wear, like me, look him up now!

Cristobal Balenciaga - “the world’s best and only dressmaker.”

 1954 Swan Gown by Charles James 

Charles James born 18 July 1906 in England. In 1924,  his parents pack him off to Chicago, his mother’s hometown, where he began to pursue a career in fashion. At the age of nineteen in 1926, he opened his first hat shop with the support of his mother’s friends, using the name of a school friend, 'Charles Boucheron'. 
In 1928 he left Chicago for Long Island and set up a studio in Southampton. He later transferred his workshop to the Murray Hill area of Queens, New York.

James divided his time between the U.S., England, and France, creating both models for reproduction and custom pieces for high-society clients. In 1937 he made his formal Paris haute couture debut with a collection that included pieces crafted from vintage silk grosgrain millinery ribbon. In 1953, he received the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award for his Empire of fashion couture. 

On the 23rd of September, 1978, Charles James died alone and penniless in the Chelsea Hotel, NYC. 

A little history lesson from Freaky! :)
Freaky Smudge 

Thursday, 21 November 2013


I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing, via email, the talented Natalie B Coleman.

11)      Where were you born and raised?
London, moved back to Ireland and was raised in the countryside in Monaghan.

22)      Did you always have an interest in fashion, or had you any dreams of pursuing a different profession?
I always loved fashion and the emotion of it but thought I might do something more academic when I was still at school. It took me a while to figure out what to do and I still change my mind a lot.

33)      Where and when did you receive your first job in fashion after completing your education?
With Three as Four in New York

44)      How to you get your inspiration? And is there anyone who has inspired you?
From everywhere, I design from my personal life so each collection is like a diary page. I read a lot and that inspires me and I get a lot of ideas from art particularly cubism and also films.

55)      What is the method of your design process?
I write a story first, I have a character or scenario in mind, then I look at fabrics, sketch and then start working on patterns, toiling, returning to patterns and then to production.

66)      What does a typical day in the life of Natalie B Coleman involve?
Every day is different, I travel a lot with work so if I am in the studio, I am up early, answer emails for a few hours,  deal with things like this which there is a lot of and I can’t reply to all but I try to help out as much as possible.  Do any press that has to be done, send out pieces for pr. Work on designs, sampling etc.

77)      Who are your designs aimed at?
Strong women who appreciate beautiful fabrics and design that isn't mass produced

88)      How do you prepare for a fashion event/show?
Send out invites,  work on accessories, model bookings, travel details, appointments with buyers. It depends on the show.

99)      Having worked with the likes of THREEASFOUR, Ragna Frodadottir, and Joanne Hynes, how has your experiences with them impacted your own knowledge and style of fashion?
I am a very different designer to all of these but I did learn from each of them.

110)  What has been the biggest achievement of your career so far, according to you?
I have had lots of good things happen and am just pleased to be still in business and growing.

111)  Is there anyone from the past or present whose style or choice of clothing/colour has impressed or outraged you?
I like Iris Palmer’s style, Dolly Parton, characters from Prisoner Cell Block H, Edith Beauvoir Beale and her daughter from the documentary ‘Grey Gardens’, and Francoise Hardy, plus many more.

112)   What has been the funniest or most embarrassing moment in fashion you've witnessed yet?
I have not really come across any that have not had an edge of painfulness to them as it is normally something of a disaster to a designer so kinder not to say.

113)  Being a womans-wear designer, which male celebrity heart throb would you like to design an outfit for, and what you they wear?
I am not interested in doing men’s clothes, I like men in a classic suit.

114)  Which fashion week do you prefer and why? London, NYC, Paris, or Milan?
Paris, it is the centre of fashion and you still feel the history.

115)  Do you have any predictions for what’s to come in A/W 14?
I don’t follow trends but I am working on lace with latex, leather, and natural wools.

 It really is amazing to get an insight into the mind of a fashion designer; someone who inspires others, keeps ahead of the times, creates such magnificent pieces. Designers really put all their emotion and drive into their collections- that's what makes them so great :) Praise fashion, praise designers! 
This has been your Thursday night from me!
Freaky Smudge

Thursday, 14 November 2013

The One that Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Into the Seat next to Me!

Where has time going? The same place my debit card and headphones seemed to have gone :/ I'm seriously pissed I lost them but no worries :)

Well Freaky has been helping with the windows displays and in-store decorations in Brown Thomas, Galway. I honestly loved it so much the last time that I decided to go back! Today I was up on a ladder. Now I'm not particularly afraid of heights but I'm used to being on ground if ya get me. Like I was too afraid to even fly, I was ten years old before I agreed to take a step onto a plane :O I guess in fashion you have to keep climbing that ladder...

At 17 I really feel like I;m having a mid-life crisis; I had it all planned out - now I see that that was my first problem! You can't plan your life and if you do, like me, you're just setting yourself up for major disappointment. I'm impatient, very impatient. I hit the ground running and forget to enjoy things! WARNING THIS IS GONNA SOUND CORNY: The greatest thing about life is that everyday is new and you can't tell what's going to come next. I should really take my own advice more often because I even do those stupid quizzes online about my future and career despite that I know they are such bull!! My voice of reason always appears to have a sore throat!

Speaking of fashion, (when are we not!?!) I have just completed an assignment which I'm thinking of putting up online. I would put it up tonight but I left it in college :/ It's a project on an Irish fashion designer! Lads, our country may be small but only good things come from it :) I choose the beautiful and talented Natalie B Coleman! What a star! I did an interview with Ms Coleman via email so, out of courtesy, I;m going to email her tonight and get her permission to post the interview on my blog. I'm not being a kiss-ass but she really is a lovely person and I've only ever heard good things about her! One of my main reasons for choosing Ms Coleman is that she attended L.I.T. (Limerick Institute of Technology) and got a degree in fashion design there, which is something I hope to do. I'm just going to stick up a few pics now that I actually used in my project on Ms Coleman's collections. They're wicked kids :)

A/W 13/14: I Belong To Me 


S/S 13: Sarah's Suitcase

A/W 12/13: I Love Me

S/S 12: All The Jewellery I Never Got (part 2)                                            S/S 11: Damaged Goods

If you get a chance, check her out -!

Well my dear peas that's all from me tonight but I'm actually, swear to which ever God you believe in, I;m emailing her right this second to get the all clear because no one wants to sue me, I've no money!
Freaky Smudge

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Lazy Cakes!

Mid-term: a time for relaxation and rest.

Yes I'm one of those people at heart; I take on more than I can handle because if I get bored I get depressed but I never know when enough is enough! I'm starting to really feel the weight though- I went back into college today after the week off and got told that I look dead. I feel it.
There's never enough time to do anything really is there? Right now I can think of three assignments that need doing, the bed sheets upstairs need to be put on the duvet rather than the floor ( :/ ), so much research I need to do for other things, getting a job, getting more people to read the blog - ugh!
Sorry to go on but this is my outlet so deal! :P I kid because I love really <3

That's the thing with life actually... is it ever enough?
Since the 1800's there's been so many radical changes to our society - women in the work place, wars, diseases, Chanel getting rid of the outrageous huge dresses women used to wear for a jersey minimal look :) We thrive for more, and that's how we are all programmed nowadays. But that's a problem as well? Or is it just me that wonders what a simpler time looked like.
A simpler time but in reality it wasn't simple at all - I guess, to me, the elimination of technology creates a less threatening world.
And the competition out there is mental! Not just in fashion but the whole "the youngest person to do..." or "the one with the highest qualification in.."; Christ on a bike! It's such hard work...

I really want to move out, like I really really do! I've been hunting for a place all I need is a room-mate and ... oh yeah... Money!!!! But I'm not giving up - it's what I want and I'm a very determined person :) also known as stubborn to some people... In my head I want this little luxury;

But in reality, this little number on the left is what I'll get :/ I said it to my mum last night and this is the transcript:
me: "Mum, I really want to move out..."
mum: "No."

I was kind of like "ughh not really a request there mother!" but where she says "no", I see room for possibility and possible arguments in which I may win.. if she's asleep :)

Well that's all from me tonight gang
Freaky Smudge

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Crap Be Gone!

I have a lot of stuff.... Like I love having stuff but I also love money.... I need money... solution??? EBAY<3 Yeah I'm going to set up an Ebay account tonight and I'll add the link on my Freaky Facebook Page ( so basically you guys can see what I'm selling and if you like why not buy in and give me some money so I can do stuff :)

Working in Brown Thomas: Never thought I would come out with scratches and glitter (sounds like I'm working in a strip club :/ ). I love it, wow oh wow no sarcasm here, LOVE IT! As you may know I'm helping out at the window displays so I know what's going on behind the large covers over the windows. I won't spoil I swear but there's a LOT of glitter and sparkle and all things nice and Christmasy ><
Lots of heavy lifting too... and so many doors! Brown Thomas is an Irish thing so it's kind of like Macy's I think; lots of top boutiques under one roof, lifestyle and fashion - except in Galway we don't have a Starbucks :( Actually to be honest I don't like Starbucks coffees, my expectations were far too high :'(
In the Brown Thomas Warehouse (which is actually in Corbett Court) there is a cage of mannequin parts, heads etc. It's so freaky and cool at the same time! I was dying to take a picture but I left my phone in the locker room.

FASHION! Oh Fashion! I did want to do a best buy but I haven't really bought anything cool and I am going to do the Ebay thing tonight so there really isn't any point... Saturday if you're bopping around Galway city and happen to be free, even if you're not free, come down to Pandora's Thrift Box at the Electric Garden;
Always loads of goodies and treasures to be found of course :) I think it's the only place I bother buying jewellery at because it's just sooo cool and I don't want anyone else to have it :)

Sorry I'm tired and very uninteresting tonight but we get like that right? Something funny that happened to me today; I woke up this morning and that was grand - got up, brushed my teeth, turned the shower on, washed my face etc etc. We have a little clock in our bathroom, one that can time how long you brush you're teeth for but shows the real time as well.... I looked at it... 2:36am...
2:36 A-FRIGGIN-M !!!!!!!
I went back to bed.....

Anyone watching American Horror Story??? Some great fashion in that lol! Season 1 is doing very well for me and my friends! Note to self: Don't watch anything remotely to do with horror if you can handle it and your friends claim to be able to as well... they will scream into your ears and leave nail marks on your arms... and don't sit in the middle..........

Well my lovelies, feel free to complain about the crappiness of what I've just written.
Seriously guys that was just a train of thought that fell off a cliff lol
Freaky Smudge

Monday, 28 October 2013

The Movie's Always Better with You

Happy Halloween Everyone!
Guess I'm a little early but where to start!? This year I'm not all that crazy for dressing up so I might as well just go as myself without make-up because I am a NIGHTMARE! Few that have see me without make-up have lived to tell the tale..
What are you going to dress up as???

Finally it's Mid-term break and I've the week off but I'm doing work experience so there's not that much lying around :( today has been my ass-on-couch day and it has been fab doing sweet feck all! As God intended haha! This past week at GTI we had to create a collection for a shop we would like to design for, and I picked one of my favourite online shops; Bitching and Junkfood ( If you haven't checked them out - DO! I love Bitching and Junkfood, not only for the name, but the clothes are amazing! Bright colours, spectacular patterns and so much more!

This week we have to watch some movies, not all of them, and create another collection inspired by these movies :) Here's a taste of what to watch for fashion lovers like uuz and the times in which they are set;
1900's: Titantic (1912)
My Fair Lady (costumes by Cecil Beaton)
1920's: The Great Gatsby (2013)
The Artist
1930's: Atonement
1940's: The Great Man's Lady (1942)
Mildred Pierce (1945)
One Touch of Venus (1948)
1950's: Grease (made in 70's)
Breakfast at Tiffany's and A Roman Holiday (costumes by Givenchy)
The Bad and the Beautiful (One of my favs :) ) (1952)
1960's: Mad Men (TV Series)
Early Bond Movies
1970's: Almost Famous (1973) (hippy)
Saturday Night Fever (disco)
Sid and Nancy (punk)
Austin Powers
1980's: Flashdance
Desperately Seeking Susan
Pretty Woman
1990's: Clueless
2000's: Sex and the City (TV Series)

Last night I watched 'Almost Famous' and loved it! The fashion was good but I really liked the story-line, don't worry I won't spoil it. If you find the time to watch these (not all of them lol) please let me know what you think of them! I've seen a good nine of these so far :)

Well I'm going to go now and will keep in touch... Not doing so well for that lately :/
Have a good one!
Freaky Smudge

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Writer's Block-in-the-way-of-the-road-that-leads-to-somewhere

Tokyo Fashion Week, and now L.A. - Sweet divine! If I have to be honest, I don't like L.A. all that much :/ yes, I've been but ... it's so.. EXACTLY LIKE IN THE PICTURES! I literally saw, on the beach, a women in a neon pink tracksuit with over-sized sunglasses and bandages on her face (easy to see she'd work done, and some shocking botox), running with her Chihuahua! I was gob-smacked :P And I saw a 2ltr carton of chocolate milk sitting out in the sun on my way to Lincoln Boulevard to get the blue bus; wdf!? :/

So let's review Tokyo, shall we?? I absolutely loved the Alice Auaa collection, and here is my favourite piece
I find this piece just so cool, I want to make it! This may sound strange but there was a very.. delicate, freaky doll vibe to the collection - soft and playful, yet sexy and daring! :) Definitely check them out and also Facetasm (great name!) and Motonari Ono. The ETW Vonneguet line reminds me of the S/S 14 from Giorgio Armani. 

Another great thing about fashion is the experimentation and the sort of acceptance other people give you for experimentation. I guess that when people hear that you work in fashion or study fashion or just have something to do with it, you get a free pass to wear wacky things and be a bit crazy! When other people do it though it can be unfairly pegged as attention seeking or weird. If someone calls me weird I thank them. Honest to God I do because normal is boring - I'm not looking for normal, and I'm not a hipster - I don't need to hate everything to make a statement (example of stereotyping). I wish everyone was there own niche in the market, and I know everyone is in their own way. I've probably given off before about the girls I might see around town that look exactly like their friends; they're pretty and all but you wouldn't hire them as models - NO WAY! Basically what I'm trying to say, and it isn't really coming out right..

life is short and the sooner you see that life is a mess, the sooner the smile will appear on your face

Itchy nose go leor!
Freaky Smudge

Monday, 21 October 2013

Almost there!

Almost at 1000 views on my blog here, well chuffed everyone - cheers :)

Today I walked... And walked.. And walked - Just after doing the Google Maps on it and apparently it was 15.7km (9.7 miles). I'm actually exhausted but I feel great, maybe I shouldn't have had the celebratory hot choco ahah!

There really isn't anything better than sitting down with a few friends, some patio furniture, and a drink or two! When to my friend's birthday on Saturday night and it was just FANTASTIC :) Catching up with old friends, having the laugh, walking a lap dance to Sexy Back (Woop Woop) ; can't imagine a better evening!
I guess I'm still in slight recovery which is why I haven't been blogging much. I told ye bout the work experience (still happy out). Today I received a great present; I went to my grandaunts house and after a nice cup of tea I was set off upstairs to clear out the rooms. I was looking threw old jewellery and pieces, told I could have whatever, when I discovered my grandaunt's Graduation ring: the Louisiana State University 1860 (she's not THAT old), blue/purple gem in the center, swords, a building, and a bird! Went and gave it to my grand and she told me to keep it :) Wearing it right now and it's got some serious weight in it! But it was really something. I'm not even in University and this is my second Graduation ring- WIN!

TOKYO FASHION WEEK - it's all Fashion. Yes I'm following the Tokyo Fashion Week, and you can check out Freaky Smudge on Facebook to see some of the pics I've stuck up:
I really like the nature (hey hey) from the STOF Collection! I thought the collection from Mint Designs was honestly boring at the start of the show, however it did get a lot better by the end. There was a very minimal women, sort of Chanel feel from the Theatre Products line. I've a bit more to look at before I give the full analysis, but will get back to ye on that!

For all those in Ireland, or better yet in Galway over the next few weeks, make sure to take a trip down to:
Pandora's Thrift Box (November 2nd) at the Electric Garden on Lower Abbeysgate Street from 12pm to 5pm....And..
Style in the City (December 4th) at the Stock Exchange on Shop Street from 5.30 pm to late :) (Party all night in Galway's hottest new club!)

Well I'll leave it at that!
I hope everyone has had a great day ^_^
Freaky Smudge

Friday, 18 October 2013

Life can be short, like me :)

Well the past few days have been a roller-coaster, and I really do feel bad but now I'm back on the bloggers wagon and ready for this!

Oh yes the celebrity I was partying with last Saturday night was none other than the beautiful and talented Miss Derry 2013 - Ashleigh Coyle! <3 Here's a pic with me (cropped out), it's hilarious that I'm actually up to her hip!! 5 months older than me yet a foot taller - love ya Ash x Stunner!
For anyone looking to get away for a weekend, or you're visiting Ireland for the giggles, visit Letterkenny, I beg you. It's funny how it's so far away from everything, yet it has everything so you don't have to go anywhere else! Handy enough!

I'm going to do a short little review here now for I remember a few years ago, chilling with Miss Derry over there, and watching her put together those online photo album things! I always wanted to get one done so last week (or the week) before I was searching online for a good site and I found, so I went in and clicked on 'Books' and got the 30 pages for 14.95 (euro), did my theme (I would have like to be able to stick my own pictures or own patterns as the theme, but they have a wide selection in their range), then I added in my pics, and TA DAH! Said it would be here on the 10th and it was :) happy outwith my lovely photobook; I was able to put in captions, expand or decrease the size of pics, added in about 55 pictures in total - looks great! The only thing I would say to anyone, and I'm sure this applies to every site - make sure that the pic is in good resolution, few of mine don't look too good (or maybe that's just my face... :/ ).

Fashion, fashion, fashion  - live, sleep, and breathe (cuz no one eats!) fashion <3 This week at GTI has been fun yet busy! I really can't complain; not only am I in a course with a lovely bunch, I'm doing something that I love! Not everyone can say "I've to go design an 8 piece collection tonight and look at magazines" :) I'm lucky and I know it. What's even more great is that I enjoy the work and I can say for sure that this is what I want to do with my life  - THANK YOU GTI!!
This week we had to create a mood board, or inspiration board, for the trends and designers of S/S14! Paris, New York, Milan and London - so many paper-cuts :) Will have to put a pic up for ye all but unfortunately my board is in school for the weekend. We also had to get a skirt type we like, e.g. pencil, flare, etc., and create 8 flat drawings of the skirt and edit them in different ways - now we are going to make one of the eight :P Sounds fun, and it is, but I had to make the most complicated thing I could think of - because I'm just awkward and difficult like that.... My skirt is a pencil that then flares out at the knee (1950's Inspired). My pattern looks like the blueprints of a maze but hopefully, granted I don't make a ruin of it, I'll get high marks for my troubles :)
It's crazy to think that I've only one more week at college, and then I'm on my mid-term break. 6 weeks have gone by since I started this course which is mind-blowing. Like they warned us it would go fast but you really never feel it!

Oh great news! One of my darling friends and I have gotten ourselves (actually our super sound teacher did) work experience in BROWN THOMAS GALWAY, helping at the window display! For all of you not from Galway, this window display is THE window :) Everyone knows that once the BT's Christmas window display comes up, Christmas is here! I'm actually so chuffed to be apart of the experience, it's a huge deal and massive honor!
Galway at Christmas time is my favourite place to be! The lights go on all around the city, window displays go up, everyone is happy, the Christmas Market comes to town and all the stalls smell like Christmas! The Christmas Market is great; people from all over the world pay a butt load to have a stall at the Market, and then all these tourists come and there's loads going on all the time.
I think I'm very fortunate to live in Galway, and be from Galway; the City of Tribes, the City of Festivals - you'll hardly ever get bored here because there's always something: the Arts Festival, the Film Feadh, the Oyster Festival, Christmas Market, the Comedy Festival, the Galway Races, and sooooooo much more!

Anyways I think that's all I have for ye! Please please PLEASE  give the page a like guys, would really be nice :) AND AND AND I'm on Twitter :) Bad news, Instagram is off my to-do list because I can;t get it on my new phone... Did anyone even know there was an Instagram???
Freaky Smudge

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Man of my Dreams

Family is very important to all of us, I like to think.
Like when Family says, "This is the last pub, I swear!" or "We're definitely going after this round!", you tend to believe them. Give them the benefit of the doubt, and unwillingly go along with the situation.
What a lying shower of  #!+@""... (deep breaths and count back from 10) .. liars :(

So this weekend I'm chilling with my Freaky Family in Letterkenny, Donegal - For anyone reading this from Donegal, or better yet Letterkenny; Ye are mental people altogether, and I love ye for it :)
So last night, after I got all freshened up in black skinny jeans (Penneys), a white top (Penneys), and sleeveless V-neck white blouse (PENNEYS), I went down to The Brewery for what I initially thought was a meal and a quiet few. I got my meal, Cajun Chicken Burger (Nom!), but a quiet few turned into a few too many :) So I somehow ended up at Voodoo (or is it VOODOO), and I have to say I met the man of my dreams! Or more like the pensioner of my dreams! Yes, I get all the weirdos, a man older than my father and looked older than my grandfather... A Silver Fox if you will! It definitely set the amusement for the night, and now suddenly I've to marry him, divide the land, then get him to go off with a tramp so I can leave him..- all before the wedding night.. He must have a grand bit of land - but you'll never find me there, I can't even keep a plant alive let alone a flock of sheep!
But I have a feeling that it won't work out since I later saw two bouncers hall the poor guy outta there later on in the night :/ My poor huni! And no, I will not be nursing him back to health!

Anyways tonight the party continues - celebrating the 40th birthday of triplets :) This will be a mad one! And I will be with a celebrity ... I was with her last night actually but I'm going to drag her into a picture so I can prove it to you all :)
Here's a picture from my drive up from Galway to Donegal, beautiful isn't it! Well I really gotta run! Gonna do some shopping and take a shower before tonight, all my love!
Freaky Smudge

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Good Read

I used to preserve my magazines, especially my Vogues. Swearing I would never tear or rip them, that they would be in mint condition until the day I die, or lose my sense of fashion (oh please!). The thought truly only occurred to me over the summer - is that really making the most of these magazines?? HELL NO!
Now I measure how well a magazine is by how many pictures and articles I tear out of it! Call me crazy but, to me, it makes perfect sense.

My latest victim has been the ELLE Collection's S/S 14, and by God that thing has been through something fierce. But yes this edition was simply delicious - the trends, the catwalks, the hair, the makeup, the playlists, the trivia, the photography, the EVERYTHING :) It was a dream! I also came upon this little piece, or guide, that I want to share in my post tonight..
"Cheat Sheet - How to Fake It in Fashion" - by Hannah Swerling
Hannah you Goddess! Freaky loves you! The ultimate and humorous step by step programme to succeeding in fashion week when your knowledge of fashion is so-so. But not even; you could know loads about fashion and this guide simply helps you to kick ass!
I'm going to just give you an overview of the steps and their order:
Step #1: Twitter Account
Step #2: Learn the Lingo
Step #3: You're not ready for Step #4 so go back to Step #2!
Step #4: Street style bloggers
Step #5: Best seat in the house or none at all
Step #6: Eating and Drinking (haha eating..)
Step #7: "The town car is outside, Miss"
Step #8: What to Wear... What to Wear....
Step #9: Passive-Aggressive Lion or Last Season's Lamb
Step #10: Membership to the competitive and fabulous fashion week

I'm not going to go into details because I think everyone should read this, it's pure gold!

I've been thinking a lot about street style lately... Sometimes I do have the confidence to walk up to random people and be like "Heya, can I take a pic of you?!" (For my blog, not my personal scrapbook collection :P) Other times I'm such a eejit like "OMG NOO I can't do THAT!!" .. But tomorrow I think I will. At my break at lunch I'm going to head down to Kelly's (formerly known as the Living Room) and check out their designer sale, see what kind of funky people I can find. It'll be like a test to myself :)
Oh we'll see!!

Well my sweetums, good night and sleep well
Freaky Smudge

Monday, 7 October 2013

Growing up and on Fire!

If there was ever a simpler way to describe where I come, this is it to a T;

Anyways I feel very grown up because I just order one of those photo books from, and paid for it with my visa debit card - I'm tellin ya! :) It's really cool to be fair, got around 50 pics into 30 pages - some nights out, some holidays and school, etc etc.! Anywho... Today I'm wearing my Jean Paul Gaultier slip and Live Laugh Love earrings :) I have to say that it really helps, because I'm still sick, so I can look good and be sick at the same time!

I've been having a peek at my fashion pics and sources and realized that I never put up anything on the Louis Vuitton or Chanel RTW SS14 Collections - my sincere apologizes. I have to say that I'm so surprised that none of those models on the Louis Vuitton line didn't fall over with those massive feather (reminds me of 1920s) headpieces. The Vuitton Collection (right) was dark - black being a favourite, and velvet. There is most certainly a 1920s feel to the line with the sequins and designs. Also some exaggerated 80s shoulders, with a biker look.

Chanel (left) and Pastels always go hand in hand, and I love it. Always something so peaceful yet bold - maybe cute? - about the Chanel lines. I don't mean cute in a bad way like! Lots of playing with colour block and dark colours swimming in for some variety. Tweed is in and Chanel supports it! Again I will mention the attention to the neckline as there are large pearls and necklaces, seen here is a scarf, all featured in the pieces.                                                                                                                                                 Speaking of peaceful (haha), the new season four of RTE's LOVE/ HATE hit the screen tonight. If you don't watch it - do! It's all about gangland crime in Ireland's capital, Dublin. The funny/scary thing is is that the creator of the show has done so much research and spoken to so many gangland criminals to give us a real-life sense of gangland life. In the last season of LOVE/HATE we saw Darren (Robert Sheehan) leave (if you're gonna watch it I won't spoil it). It was a sad to see him go but all was well when he appeared in The Mortal Instruments :) I love that fact that he went to university in Galway, and I used to watch him in Foreign Exchange and Misfits - goes to show that if you work hard, you'll get anywhere!

Well that's all from me tonight gang
Freaky Smudge

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Jeez I'm thinking how many must have used that line to title a blog post before me!
Well I hope everyone had a great Saturday! In the magical little sea-side city of Galway, the sun was splitting the rocks (Translation: It was roasting).
According to the D.A.A. Terminal 2 ad : Irish people have the gene that turns skin from 0 to sun-burnt in 2.4 seconds .. I don't even need one second sweethearts :P I'm a vampire I swear - I am terrified of the sun! The slightest chance of a sunburn, because I've been so badly burnt before, is a genuine fear!

Anyways that's not the only think that went down today - PANDORA'S THRIFT BOX <3 Every month, this is the highlight of my month (besides getting Vogue in the mail!); vintage lovers, quirky merchants, and fashion fiends all gather together to buy and sell unique items! How can you not love this :) Although I cannot stand when some people, mostly girls, come in and actually laugh and giggle at the merchandise of others - if you can't appreciate vintage/fashion/ people's hand-crafted hard-work, then get the hell out!
Sorry just had to get it out there, it's so annoying to see and just mean.
These are the amazing purchases I bought today :) (bought while working on the Cotton Face Vintage stall with the amazing Sinead Lally <3 I don't have the name of all of the stalls I bought from unfortunately!
 From Cotton Face Vintage (long purple suede skirt €35) 
 (€7 Jean Paul Gautier Slip for Target)

(Live Laugh Love earrings €2,
Feather purple earrings from Cotton Face Vintage €5)                                           (Forever 21 Coat €10)

So exciting - retail therapy does exist ladies, look it up ^_^ I always clean up pretty well at these things so if anyone pops in at the next Pandora's Box (check Facebook or Freaky Smudge's page for updates!) and you might see me boppin around the Cotton Face Vintage stall, trying clothes on it the bathrooms, or running around looking for my pursue :/ I'm a disaster lol

Well everyone g'night <3
Freaky Smudge

Friday, 4 October 2013

Woke up this morning (na-na na-na)...

Happy Friday everyone, hope it was a good one!
Some of you crazy wildcats may be out partying tonight (envy over here), but no! I'm babysitting one of the CUTEST little creature I've ever seen, and staying put for the weekend :) I'm actually posting this from a really weird computer... Alienware anyone??

Anyways, let's talk about sex,
but before that, let's talk about fashion (haha inside my head joke!)

Today at Claddagh House fashion students were messing around with our recycled garments. I do have a picture on my phone of me ripping the netting off a flower girl dress I wore when I was about 12 but I've no idea how to post to this machine :P For my project I want something inspired by my two favourite eras - the 1920s and 1950s! So I went thrift shopping (ugh hipster) and found this really cool black beaded top with a 20s vibe in the G.S.P.C.A (Animal Cruelty) shop on St Augustine Street a few weeks ago.
I love lace and netting, call me crazy but I love em!! So while brainstorming I remembered that we had this old flower dress in my attic that we had been trying to get rid of a few months ago - thank God we didn't! Now it's a major piece in my project :) Still such a long way to go but it's so much fun.

We are also trying to sort out our work experience. As part of our coursework we have to do 10 consecutive Mondays of work experience (no classes on Mondays :P ) or we have to sort it out over the mid-term. Has to be done by January definitely, but the hard truth is - no one wants me! I know that I'm aiming too high by emailing Irish designers that are mainly looking for interns, but I want to work in a studio so bad! Or I was thinking a fashion magazine.... If there was a Vogue Ireland I would be sorted :/

But enough about me, more about you? :)
Well I can't really say much else for my day! I actually really wanted to post some pics of the tattoos I hope to get when I'm 18 (fashion inspired so it's relative!). I'll leave ye guys with a quote from the amazing Alexander McQueen, if I'm ever uninspired or down this actually makes me feel better, no word of a lie!

"Give me time and I'll give you a revolution"

I hope some day I can fulfil the same promise <3
(corny go leor!)

Freaky Smudge

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Best Buys #2

Fellow bloggers, faithful readers, and Mom,
I could spend like the next couple mins saying sorry for not posting but I've been sick and busy and it happens so I'm going to post daily til the 6th (Sunday!) and we'll call it even ya?!
I bet some of uuz are delighted, haha! :)

Well I haven't done a Best Buy in ages so here's part 2! I've raided my wardrobe and here's some of my much-loved pieces that aren't in the wash or residing in the houses of my friends that swore it was just a borrow :P
Let's start out small with the bits and bobs! To the right; I got this stunning little necklace, that goes with everything, in H&M (Brussels). I think it was only about €14.99 - neon pink triangles with little silver beads. A small thing but it goes a long way. I like to wear this with a long black dress / blue pendulum top/ nice to add to a plain tank top or something, glam's things up a tad.

 Me and this bag have seen a lot of good times together! This is the bag I bring with me when I don't want a lot to carry, the bag I take on holidays, and nights out :) I bought this little cross over number for, I recall, €10 at Public Romance on Lower Abbeygate Street, Galway. A lovely vintage and 80's vibed shop. A bag velvet bag, threaded with gold, and topped with little charms.
 Now onto the clothes (sorry they look all wrinkly!). On the left we have this amazing dress from for $54.99. Leather at the top and galaxy at the bottom :) perfect combo! I have to say that I love the skirt part more so I tend to wear a jumper on top if it's cold out so I can show the bottom off.
On the right, it's Penneys finest! I wore this jacket today and got so many compliments from people :) Army jacket with gold studs on breast and pockets, handy for any occasion!!
Now this dress is something different altogether! I got this from one of my favourite shops and sites - Some really quirky and amazing stuff. This is the Mr & Mrs Repeat dress, and I cannot stress this point enough - GET IT IN SMALL! It's supposed to be baggy and I have to put two belts on mine otherwise the wind will take me :) But it's really cool and I love it! Reduced from £65 to £35, it is most definitely a must buy!!!! 

Well that's all from me tonight everyone! Have a good night my strangers :)
Freaky Smudge

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Voice It

I think I've lose my voice, I'm very hoarse today. Sound like one of those Jazz singers... this can definitely inspire an outfit for tomorrow :)

I'm keeping up again with Paris Fashion Week which ends tomorrow, also ending the S/S 14 wardrobe.  Well it was definitely fun, huh!?
I'm loving the stuff from Paris, as you do. With the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Balmain, Manish Arora, and Jean Paul Gautier, an invitation to this fashion week is every fashionistas dream :)

I don't think I've seen such a moving collection in ages!
The way I perceive this is the inner torment one can face. A challenge. what a person is really trying to say by the clothes they wear. Sometimes we can feel invisible, alone, unwanted. But through the clothes we wear, I believe, we express more than words ever could.
"I AM HERE I AM HERE" - without these words shining through the dark all we would notice is a plain black top and skirt combo. We can feel very enraged when we think no one out there listens to us. We begin to resent the people we love for not noticing our pain or frustration. However, in times like these when we are blinded by our own troubles, we forget other people. We make other people feel invisible as well because we get so wrapped up in our own little world. Sometimes you need to "SILENCE YOURSELF", get rid of the noise of sadness and torment, to find the solution.

Friday, 27 September 2013


Sorry about my not posting last night, I have to say with college and everything, all the work piling on, I'm getting lazy and this is unacceptable! I'm going to change the font on this thing as well maybe, make it easier to read.

My reason for last night, it was Arthur's Day- a notorious (mainly aimed at students) event which dictates that everyone drink, preferably Guinness, to their hearts content... Today I rocked into college feeling like Bambi learning how to walk. Lesson #1: Guinness is disgusting, and Lesson #2: Going into college on a hangover is not the smartest move to make. Live and learn I guess..

But what really perks me up is looking at all the style on the runways and then talking about them in class :) It's times like this when I praise the Lord for Been following them for 2 years now so I know my research and what have you! Oh and if you have a chance check out this amazing photographer, TOMAAS (right) - has definitely helped inspire me for my recycled garment project.
Anyways yes gotta love Paris! So far I've been looking at brands like Azzaro, Balenciaga, etc. Everything is either fitted or shoots out, white being a favourite of the season, as clearly seconded by Nina Ricci. I have to say there are quite a few cold and pastels colours that seem to be coming our way. But Dior is having none of it - beautiful oranges and blue (a tasteful combination). A shredded look as well which I haven't seen much of except for ThreeAsFour.

Metallics are in according to Lanvin (left), I love anything that sparkles or shimmers and the light simply glorifies this collection.  I have to say that from pretty much every collection I've stalked so far there has been such an emphasis placed on the neck- whether their wearing a scarf, chunky necklace or elongated neckline, all road signs point this way.

Loving the 'Sailor meets Grease' vibe I'm getting off Olympia Le-Tan. Between this under-water adventure and Orla Kiely's preppy Explorer, it's so hard to chose. And where can I get a pair of those low cut cowboys shoes featured in the Paco Rabanne collection?? Not normally my thing but cute.

Well that's all from me tonight gang. Again sorry about the sloppiness on the posts but if there is one thing you can count on it's that the Pinterest page is up to date! Facebook and Twitter doing well as well! Hope everyone had a good Arthur's night if you were out! One lesson I learned last night the hard way  - there are some awful weirdos out, and if you feel you're in an awkward situation it's okay to "overact" or whatever, as long as you get out of there! I didn't freak out in time but thankfully there are some decent people in the world!

Anyways, night my readers :)
Freaky Smudge

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Did someone die in this???

How's everyone doing this week?
Well in Galway; 18-22 degrees, they said.... Be grand, they said..
They were wrong! Instead it rained but then again it's Ireland..

So at college we're still brain storming for our recycled garment project, and this morning we went on a little class trip to the wonderful charity shops. I have to say that although I didn't buy anything I wish I had, especially when I went to Candy on Sea Road (Hairdresser/Vintage shop). Very nice things! We also went to the Simon Community shop, the Good as New shop, and the Saint Vincent de Paul shop, which is a favourite of mine. Here's pics of some stuff I saw and will hopefully inspire me for this project :)  Here's two pics of some things I saw which will hopefully inspire me for this project!  
 We also spent the remainder of the day making our bags which will be able to fit all our stuff in it (tote bags made from calco). It would have been fine but I think everyone was in a weird mood today, and the iron was on for pressing the fabric and it was hot.. damn! I was one of the people that didn't have their calco in today (on the to-do list for tomorrow), but thankfully there are three massive bins of fabrics and materials so no worries there. The pocket of my tote is now Winnie the Pooh's face :) Not ideal but still good.... Tigger was always my favourite....

So Milan Fashion Week has ended with Paris Fashion Week beginning!! Some great stuff from the last week though, without a doubt. Loved the Just Cavalli collection- loads of energy in the clothing. I thought that the majority of the collections were darker than expected for me. So may Paris bring colour! So far so good!

Well my darling buds,
Freaky Smudge