Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Good Read

I used to preserve my magazines, especially my Vogues. Swearing I would never tear or rip them, that they would be in mint condition until the day I die, or lose my sense of fashion (oh please!). The thought truly only occurred to me over the summer - is that really making the most of these magazines?? HELL NO!
Now I measure how well a magazine is by how many pictures and articles I tear out of it! Call me crazy but, to me, it makes perfect sense.

My latest victim has been the ELLE Collection's S/S 14, and by God that thing has been through something fierce. But yes this edition was simply delicious - the trends, the catwalks, the hair, the makeup, the playlists, the trivia, the photography, the EVERYTHING :) It was a dream! I also came upon this little piece, or guide, that I want to share in my post tonight..
"Cheat Sheet - How to Fake It in Fashion" - by Hannah Swerling
Hannah you Goddess! Freaky loves you! The ultimate and humorous step by step programme to succeeding in fashion week when your knowledge of fashion is so-so. But not even; you could know loads about fashion and this guide simply helps you to kick ass!
I'm going to just give you an overview of the steps and their order:
Step #1: Twitter Account
Step #2: Learn the Lingo
Step #3: You're not ready for Step #4 so go back to Step #2!
Step #4: Street style bloggers
Step #5: Best seat in the house or none at all
Step #6: Eating and Drinking (haha eating..)
Step #7: "The town car is outside, Miss"
Step #8: What to Wear... What to Wear....
Step #9: Passive-Aggressive Lion or Last Season's Lamb
Step #10: Membership to the competitive and fabulous fashion week

I'm not going to go into details because I think everyone should read this, it's pure gold!

I've been thinking a lot about street style lately... Sometimes I do have the confidence to walk up to random people and be like "Heya, can I take a pic of you?!" (For my blog, not my personal scrapbook collection :P) Other times I'm such a eejit like "OMG NOO I can't do THAT!!" .. But tomorrow I think I will. At my break at lunch I'm going to head down to Kelly's (formerly known as the Living Room) and check out their designer sale, see what kind of funky people I can find. It'll be like a test to myself :)
Oh we'll see!!

Well my sweetums, good night and sleep well
Freaky Smudge

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