Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Crap Be Gone!

I have a lot of stuff.... Like I love having stuff but I also love money.... I need money... solution??? EBAY<3 Yeah I'm going to set up an Ebay account tonight and I'll add the link on my Freaky Facebook Page ( so basically you guys can see what I'm selling and if you like why not buy in and give me some money so I can do stuff :)

Working in Brown Thomas: Never thought I would come out with scratches and glitter (sounds like I'm working in a strip club :/ ). I love it, wow oh wow no sarcasm here, LOVE IT! As you may know I'm helping out at the window displays so I know what's going on behind the large covers over the windows. I won't spoil I swear but there's a LOT of glitter and sparkle and all things nice and Christmasy ><
Lots of heavy lifting too... and so many doors! Brown Thomas is an Irish thing so it's kind of like Macy's I think; lots of top boutiques under one roof, lifestyle and fashion - except in Galway we don't have a Starbucks :( Actually to be honest I don't like Starbucks coffees, my expectations were far too high :'(
In the Brown Thomas Warehouse (which is actually in Corbett Court) there is a cage of mannequin parts, heads etc. It's so freaky and cool at the same time! I was dying to take a picture but I left my phone in the locker room.

FASHION! Oh Fashion! I did want to do a best buy but I haven't really bought anything cool and I am going to do the Ebay thing tonight so there really isn't any point... Saturday if you're bopping around Galway city and happen to be free, even if you're not free, come down to Pandora's Thrift Box at the Electric Garden;
Always loads of goodies and treasures to be found of course :) I think it's the only place I bother buying jewellery at because it's just sooo cool and I don't want anyone else to have it :)

Sorry I'm tired and very uninteresting tonight but we get like that right? Something funny that happened to me today; I woke up this morning and that was grand - got up, brushed my teeth, turned the shower on, washed my face etc etc. We have a little clock in our bathroom, one that can time how long you brush you're teeth for but shows the real time as well.... I looked at it... 2:36am...
2:36 A-FRIGGIN-M !!!!!!!
I went back to bed.....

Anyone watching American Horror Story??? Some great fashion in that lol! Season 1 is doing very well for me and my friends! Note to self: Don't watch anything remotely to do with horror if you can handle it and your friends claim to be able to as well... they will scream into your ears and leave nail marks on your arms... and don't sit in the middle..........

Well my lovelies, feel free to complain about the crappiness of what I've just written.
Seriously guys that was just a train of thought that fell off a cliff lol
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Anonymous said...

There is a starbucks in NUIG.

michaela_oh said...

Cant wait to see the windows! <3

Velvie Teener said...

Starbucks in NUIG so true but I haven't located it yet!!!