Monday, 21 October 2013

Almost there!

Almost at 1000 views on my blog here, well chuffed everyone - cheers :)

Today I walked... And walked.. And walked - Just after doing the Google Maps on it and apparently it was 15.7km (9.7 miles). I'm actually exhausted but I feel great, maybe I shouldn't have had the celebratory hot choco ahah!

There really isn't anything better than sitting down with a few friends, some patio furniture, and a drink or two! When to my friend's birthday on Saturday night and it was just FANTASTIC :) Catching up with old friends, having the laugh, walking a lap dance to Sexy Back (Woop Woop) ; can't imagine a better evening!
I guess I'm still in slight recovery which is why I haven't been blogging much. I told ye bout the work experience (still happy out). Today I received a great present; I went to my grandaunts house and after a nice cup of tea I was set off upstairs to clear out the rooms. I was looking threw old jewellery and pieces, told I could have whatever, when I discovered my grandaunt's Graduation ring: the Louisiana State University 1860 (she's not THAT old), blue/purple gem in the center, swords, a building, and a bird! Went and gave it to my grand and she told me to keep it :) Wearing it right now and it's got some serious weight in it! But it was really something. I'm not even in University and this is my second Graduation ring- WIN!

TOKYO FASHION WEEK - it's all Fashion. Yes I'm following the Tokyo Fashion Week, and you can check out Freaky Smudge on Facebook to see some of the pics I've stuck up:
I really like the nature (hey hey) from the STOF Collection! I thought the collection from Mint Designs was honestly boring at the start of the show, however it did get a lot better by the end. There was a very minimal women, sort of Chanel feel from the Theatre Products line. I've a bit more to look at before I give the full analysis, but will get back to ye on that!

For all those in Ireland, or better yet in Galway over the next few weeks, make sure to take a trip down to:
Pandora's Thrift Box (November 2nd) at the Electric Garden on Lower Abbeysgate Street from 12pm to 5pm....And..
Style in the City (December 4th) at the Stock Exchange on Shop Street from 5.30 pm to late :) (Party all night in Galway's hottest new club!)

Well I'll leave it at that!
I hope everyone has had a great day ^_^
Freaky Smudge

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