Tuesday, 22 October 2013

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Tokyo Fashion Week, and now L.A. - Sweet divine! If I have to be honest, I don't like L.A. all that much :/ yes, I've been but ... it's so.. EXACTLY LIKE IN THE PICTURES! I literally saw, on the beach, a women in a neon pink tracksuit with over-sized sunglasses and bandages on her face (easy to see she'd work done, and some shocking botox), running with her Chihuahua! I was gob-smacked :P And I saw a 2ltr carton of chocolate milk sitting out in the sun on my way to Lincoln Boulevard to get the blue bus; wdf!? :/

So let's review Tokyo, shall we?? I absolutely loved the Alice Auaa collection, and here is my favourite piece
I find this piece just so cool, I want to make it! This may sound strange but there was a very.. delicate, freaky doll vibe to the collection - soft and playful, yet sexy and daring! :) Definitely check them out and also Facetasm (great name!) and Motonari Ono. The ETW Vonneguet line reminds me of the S/S 14 from Giorgio Armani. 

Another great thing about fashion is the experimentation and the sort of acceptance other people give you for experimentation. I guess that when people hear that you work in fashion or study fashion or just have something to do with it, you get a free pass to wear wacky things and be a bit crazy! When other people do it though it can be unfairly pegged as attention seeking or weird. If someone calls me weird I thank them. Honest to God I do because normal is boring - I'm not looking for normal, and I'm not a hipster - I don't need to hate everything to make a statement (example of stereotyping). I wish everyone was there own niche in the market, and I know everyone is in their own way. I've probably given off before about the girls I might see around town that look exactly like their friends; they're pretty and all but you wouldn't hire them as models - NO WAY! Basically what I'm trying to say, and it isn't really coming out right..

life is short and the sooner you see that life is a mess, the sooner the smile will appear on your face

Itchy nose go leor!
Freaky Smudge

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