Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Man of my Dreams

Family is very important to all of us, I like to think.
Like when Family says, "This is the last pub, I swear!" or "We're definitely going after this round!", you tend to believe them. Give them the benefit of the doubt, and unwillingly go along with the situation.
What a lying shower of  #!+@""... (deep breaths and count back from 10) .. liars :(

So this weekend I'm chilling with my Freaky Family in Letterkenny, Donegal - For anyone reading this from Donegal, or better yet Letterkenny; Ye are mental people altogether, and I love ye for it :)
So last night, after I got all freshened up in black skinny jeans (Penneys), a white top (Penneys), and sleeveless V-neck white blouse (PENNEYS), I went down to The Brewery for what I initially thought was a meal and a quiet few. I got my meal, Cajun Chicken Burger (Nom!), but a quiet few turned into a few too many :) So I somehow ended up at Voodoo (or is it VOODOO), and I have to say I met the man of my dreams! Or more like the pensioner of my dreams! Yes, I get all the weirdos, a man older than my father and looked older than my grandfather... A Silver Fox if you will! It definitely set the amusement for the night, and now suddenly I've to marry him, divide the land, then get him to go off with a tramp so I can leave him..- all before the wedding night.. He must have a grand bit of land - but you'll never find me there, I can't even keep a plant alive let alone a flock of sheep!
But I have a feeling that it won't work out since I later saw two bouncers hall the poor guy outta there later on in the night :/ My poor huni! And no, I will not be nursing him back to health!

Anyways tonight the party continues - celebrating the 40th birthday of triplets :) This will be a mad one! And I will be with a celebrity ... I was with her last night actually but I'm going to drag her into a picture so I can prove it to you all :)
Here's a picture from my drive up from Galway to Donegal, beautiful isn't it! Well I really gotta run! Gonna do some shopping and take a shower before tonight, all my love!
Freaky Smudge

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