Monday, 29 September 2014


Hey Smudgers, for some reason I can't see my latest post on the blog so here's the link;


College Times

Smudgers it's been one hell of a road this past while!

A/W Fashion is taking over my life and I'm addicted, there's no turning back!! I'm gonna wait til Tokyo Fashion Week wraps up (because wow) before giving ye all a scoop of my thoughts on everything fashionie and funky! 

In other distressing news, Joan Rivers has left the building. Yes, an icon in media and fashion, and an idol of mine. I honestly respected that woman so much;  she was ballsy and fierce, and look at all the things she accomplished in her life! If I'm still doing what I love like her at that age I will consider myself a very happy person indeed. I think it would have made her laugh, seeing all the tweets from celebs giving their thoughts and blessings to "Melissa and Conor".... It's Cooper guys, do the research!! :p And Fashion Police will never be the same... I think the whole reason I watched that show was to see her slam some fashion sense into those celebrities. Did you know that the question we love to ask "Who are you wearing?" came from Joan and Melissa Rivers. No one asked that before them. Oh Joan <3 

Well we're hitting the month of October and the last month had been all about getting back to school or college after summer.., oh course if you're a Fresher/Freshman/First Year, then it's been party month!!! ^_^ you've joined 14 societies, made some new friends , gotten sick on a doorstep, and you know you kissed someone in your course last week but still aren't sure who?! :) because that's what it's all about! But I'm going to be a total mom for a minute and just like to remind ye about taking care of your alcohol intake because I didn't the other night and thank God I had a fantastic friend with me to take care of me because I was such a fool. Also, if you're in a bad mood don't drink to "blow off some steam", that's not how it works. So be careful guys! 

But college is great fun! For some, me included, you're living away from home. Leave me a comment to let me know how that's going, even if you're not a first year! It can be difficult at times and you've probably been told back home that you look malnourished or something :p and you're apartment probably smells funky! Do you like the people you're living with?? Are they strangers or friends?? Missing home?? Let me know :) 

Right now I'm on the bus back to the Limerivk School of Art and Design! My dream college since I was in 5th year and I got in. :) Loving it in Limerick but college is still work; we have a project for the semester about "what if?" - Thats our entire project, how vague! I think I know what I'm doing but I thought of 5 other things along with it and attempted to mix them together so now I've confused myself! Great job Freaky ^_^ actually my dear Smudger, question? If you could create a society what would it be called and what would you do?? My friends and I wanted to start the Secret Rave Society but the idea wasn't too solid, so I'm taking this to the floor :) 

Well Smudgers, I'm going to love ye and leave ye but keep in touch for my A/W Fashion post, coming to a device near you! 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Getting Creative!!

My attempt at creating my own Saint Laurent Disco Shoes with these pair of Penneys boots, glitter glue and glitter :)

Step #1:

Here's the beauts of boots I got in Penneys for 16 euro, and then the 10 euros worth of glitter and glitter glue that I got at Arts & Hobbies in the Galway Shopping Centre.

Step #2:
To keep the place clean I surrounded the shoe and glitter in a big black bin bag, however, it's glitter so it's gotten everywhere so maybe do this outside or something to keep things tidy.

Cover the entire shoe in glue so the  you can pour the glitter all over it in one go, you'll need about two of the little glitter bottles for each shoe. The glitter glue is clumpy so get an old paint brush to spread it and flatten it down. Also another tip I didn't use myself, get duct-tape and put it over the parts, if any, that you want to keep the glitter off.

Step #3:
And Ta Dah - leave to dry over night and you have your own pair of hot boots :) Give it a go and send me pics!!

Farewell Smudgers 

Fashion in Vienna and Prague

Hey Smudgers,

Well college starts next week so yesterday I finished up my job working at XR Marketing :( but the fun doesn't end there as right now I'm on a bus up to Dublin with the crew to go to the annual business rally in The Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield! I learned so much from this job. 
I know people have their reservations about commission based work but honestly, for my age group, I think it's the perfect job; my pay check every week was based on my own hard work and effort, if I was lazy I didn't make money that day but if I worked my ass off I got my recognition. I dealt with rejection on a daily basis and while it sounds like it would tear you down, I built my cobnfidence up by miles and took on an indifferent attitude to those who were rude to me and keep a smile on my face. Commission jobs create amazing work ethic for those who stick with it, and I'd recommend it to any college student for the summer! 

I'm so hungry right now and all I can think of is that amazing lunch we had in the Gaslight Bar (Hotel Meyrick, Galway) at #itwbn. Lovely menu there and right in the heart of the city Gaslight as a lunch Venus. 
Open each day for coffees and scones from 10 and then you can get a delicious meal from 11am to 10pm. Whether your thing is fancy sambos, wraps, soups or big juicy mains for two or a party of more, the friendly staff won't keep you waiting. Ideal location for your mum's next birthday, your brother's engagement bash, or a classy work night out :) 
A hopping House DJ will play your tune while you sip cocktails and nibble on party food on weekends. Or go out with the fam any night of the week at 2 courses for €23 or 3 for €30. 
Always great fun to a unique theme and feel free to join the Gaslight Bar for their next Supper Club on the 26th of September for a "Taste on the Bay" as they conduct a playful fish themed menu to celebrate the Galway International Oyster Festival! Nom! 

Speaking of Festivals, I have recently returned from the FM4 Frequency Festival in St Polzen, Austria ^_^ it was AMAZING; if you like the kinds of Jimmy Eat World, Rudimental, Blink 182, Queens of the Stone Age, and Lily Allen - then this is the festival for you! 
It's mucky I won't lie but fancy pentagon shaped bathrooms await you in the arena (if you don't mind waiting in line), but crazy stalls offering piercings, clothes, temporary tattoos and food fit for rockers are scattered everywhere! This year's theme was outer space so the stages had "We Come In Peace" signs and robotic invaders dotted on boards.

But let's talk fashion; Festival was mostly ripped jeans with boots, statement tank tops, floral backpacks, leather jackets with studs or plaid shirts, and baseball caps :) 


Moving away from the festival and down to beautiful Vienna; the Daily wear was very efficient, jeans being an essential part of this. T-shirts and jackets, runners and sensible flats. Lots of v necks actually.... And not a heel in sight! Like everyone was pretty tall anyway but no heels were worn on the Austrain streets. 

And then I got a 4/5 hour bus to Prague aka Praha! Now I didn't plan my trip abroad in the slightest, usually I do something but yolo, so when I hopped into a taxi to the wonderful Art Noveau Palace Hotel and the guy says, "That'll be 480" - I went white until the nice man told me that was like €6 :) so remember that €1 is 27.90 czk and don't be surprised is you get a bill of 1,000!! 
The fashion in Prague is much the same as Vienna but it's more easy to spot the fashion conscience people; they walk with their designer label bags in the streets of the Old Town, there's usually a pair of shades somewhere on their apparel, and they look serious. People on a mission! 
If you need a place to go for lovely food, music and some fun in Prague, I'd suggest going to Caffreys Irish Bar in Old Town - amazing fun, and the hot bartender is actually from Wexford :) I had to laugh at the Irish Car Bomb beer! 

Well that's all from me Smudgers, almost at Dublin now!