Monday, 29 September 2014

College Times

Smudgers it's been one hell of a road this past while!

A/W Fashion is taking over my life and I'm addicted, there's no turning back!! I'm gonna wait til Tokyo Fashion Week wraps up (because wow) before giving ye all a scoop of my thoughts on everything fashionie and funky! 

In other distressing news, Joan Rivers has left the building. Yes, an icon in media and fashion, and an idol of mine. I honestly respected that woman so much;  she was ballsy and fierce, and look at all the things she accomplished in her life! If I'm still doing what I love like her at that age I will consider myself a very happy person indeed. I think it would have made her laugh, seeing all the tweets from celebs giving their thoughts and blessings to "Melissa and Conor".... It's Cooper guys, do the research!! :p And Fashion Police will never be the same... I think the whole reason I watched that show was to see her slam some fashion sense into those celebrities. Did you know that the question we love to ask "Who are you wearing?" came from Joan and Melissa Rivers. No one asked that before them. Oh Joan <3 

Well we're hitting the month of October and the last month had been all about getting back to school or college after summer.., oh course if you're a Fresher/Freshman/First Year, then it's been party month!!! ^_^ you've joined 14 societies, made some new friends , gotten sick on a doorstep, and you know you kissed someone in your course last week but still aren't sure who?! :) because that's what it's all about! But I'm going to be a total mom for a minute and just like to remind ye about taking care of your alcohol intake because I didn't the other night and thank God I had a fantastic friend with me to take care of me because I was such a fool. Also, if you're in a bad mood don't drink to "blow off some steam", that's not how it works. So be careful guys! 

But college is great fun! For some, me included, you're living away from home. Leave me a comment to let me know how that's going, even if you're not a first year! It can be difficult at times and you've probably been told back home that you look malnourished or something :p and you're apartment probably smells funky! Do you like the people you're living with?? Are they strangers or friends?? Missing home?? Let me know :) 

Right now I'm on the bus back to the Limerivk School of Art and Design! My dream college since I was in 5th year and I got in. :) Loving it in Limerick but college is still work; we have a project for the semester about "what if?" - Thats our entire project, how vague! I think I know what I'm doing but I thought of 5 other things along with it and attempted to mix them together so now I've confused myself! Great job Freaky ^_^ actually my dear Smudger, question? If you could create a society what would it be called and what would you do?? My friends and I wanted to start the Secret Rave Society but the idea wasn't too solid, so I'm taking this to the floor :) 

Well Smudgers, I'm going to love ye and leave ye but keep in touch for my A/W Fashion post, coming to a device near you! 

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