Monday, 1 September 2014

Getting Creative!!

My attempt at creating my own Saint Laurent Disco Shoes with these pair of Penneys boots, glitter glue and glitter :)

Step #1:

Here's the beauts of boots I got in Penneys for 16 euro, and then the 10 euros worth of glitter and glitter glue that I got at Arts & Hobbies in the Galway Shopping Centre.

Step #2:
To keep the place clean I surrounded the shoe and glitter in a big black bin bag, however, it's glitter so it's gotten everywhere so maybe do this outside or something to keep things tidy.

Cover the entire shoe in glue so the  you can pour the glitter all over it in one go, you'll need about two of the little glitter bottles for each shoe. The glitter glue is clumpy so get an old paint brush to spread it and flatten it down. Also another tip I didn't use myself, get duct-tape and put it over the parts, if any, that you want to keep the glitter off.

Step #3:
And Ta Dah - leave to dry over night and you have your own pair of hot boots :) Give it a go and send me pics!!

Farewell Smudgers 

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