Sunday, 6 October 2013


Jeez I'm thinking how many must have used that line to title a blog post before me!
Well I hope everyone had a great Saturday! In the magical little sea-side city of Galway, the sun was splitting the rocks (Translation: It was roasting).
According to the D.A.A. Terminal 2 ad : Irish people have the gene that turns skin from 0 to sun-burnt in 2.4 seconds .. I don't even need one second sweethearts :P I'm a vampire I swear - I am terrified of the sun! The slightest chance of a sunburn, because I've been so badly burnt before, is a genuine fear!

Anyways that's not the only think that went down today - PANDORA'S THRIFT BOX <3 Every month, this is the highlight of my month (besides getting Vogue in the mail!); vintage lovers, quirky merchants, and fashion fiends all gather together to buy and sell unique items! How can you not love this :) Although I cannot stand when some people, mostly girls, come in and actually laugh and giggle at the merchandise of others - if you can't appreciate vintage/fashion/ people's hand-crafted hard-work, then get the hell out!
Sorry just had to get it out there, it's so annoying to see and just mean.
These are the amazing purchases I bought today :) (bought while working on the Cotton Face Vintage stall with the amazing Sinead Lally <3 I don't have the name of all of the stalls I bought from unfortunately!
 From Cotton Face Vintage (long purple suede skirt €35) 
 (€7 Jean Paul Gautier Slip for Target)

(Live Laugh Love earrings €2,
Feather purple earrings from Cotton Face Vintage €5)                                           (Forever 21 Coat €10)

So exciting - retail therapy does exist ladies, look it up ^_^ I always clean up pretty well at these things so if anyone pops in at the next Pandora's Box (check Facebook or Freaky Smudge's page for updates!) and you might see me boppin around the Cotton Face Vintage stall, trying clothes on it the bathrooms, or running around looking for my pursue :/ I'm a disaster lol

Well everyone g'night <3
Freaky Smudge

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