Friday, 4 October 2013

Woke up this morning (na-na na-na)...

Happy Friday everyone, hope it was a good one!
Some of you crazy wildcats may be out partying tonight (envy over here), but no! I'm babysitting one of the CUTEST little creature I've ever seen, and staying put for the weekend :) I'm actually posting this from a really weird computer... Alienware anyone??

Anyways, let's talk about sex,
but before that, let's talk about fashion (haha inside my head joke!)

Today at Claddagh House fashion students were messing around with our recycled garments. I do have a picture on my phone of me ripping the netting off a flower girl dress I wore when I was about 12 but I've no idea how to post to this machine :P For my project I want something inspired by my two favourite eras - the 1920s and 1950s! So I went thrift shopping (ugh hipster) and found this really cool black beaded top with a 20s vibe in the G.S.P.C.A (Animal Cruelty) shop on St Augustine Street a few weeks ago.
I love lace and netting, call me crazy but I love em!! So while brainstorming I remembered that we had this old flower dress in my attic that we had been trying to get rid of a few months ago - thank God we didn't! Now it's a major piece in my project :) Still such a long way to go but it's so much fun.

We are also trying to sort out our work experience. As part of our coursework we have to do 10 consecutive Mondays of work experience (no classes on Mondays :P ) or we have to sort it out over the mid-term. Has to be done by January definitely, but the hard truth is - no one wants me! I know that I'm aiming too high by emailing Irish designers that are mainly looking for interns, but I want to work in a studio so bad! Or I was thinking a fashion magazine.... If there was a Vogue Ireland I would be sorted :/

But enough about me, more about you? :)
Well I can't really say much else for my day! I actually really wanted to post some pics of the tattoos I hope to get when I'm 18 (fashion inspired so it's relative!). I'll leave ye guys with a quote from the amazing Alexander McQueen, if I'm ever uninspired or down this actually makes me feel better, no word of a lie!

"Give me time and I'll give you a revolution"

I hope some day I can fulfil the same promise <3
(corny go leor!)

Freaky Smudge

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