Monday, 7 October 2013

Growing up and on Fire!

If there was ever a simpler way to describe where I come, this is it to a T;

Anyways I feel very grown up because I just order one of those photo books from, and paid for it with my visa debit card - I'm tellin ya! :) It's really cool to be fair, got around 50 pics into 30 pages - some nights out, some holidays and school, etc etc.! Anywho... Today I'm wearing my Jean Paul Gaultier slip and Live Laugh Love earrings :) I have to say that it really helps, because I'm still sick, so I can look good and be sick at the same time!

I've been having a peek at my fashion pics and sources and realized that I never put up anything on the Louis Vuitton or Chanel RTW SS14 Collections - my sincere apologizes. I have to say that I'm so surprised that none of those models on the Louis Vuitton line didn't fall over with those massive feather (reminds me of 1920s) headpieces. The Vuitton Collection (right) was dark - black being a favourite, and velvet. There is most certainly a 1920s feel to the line with the sequins and designs. Also some exaggerated 80s shoulders, with a biker look.

Chanel (left) and Pastels always go hand in hand, and I love it. Always something so peaceful yet bold - maybe cute? - about the Chanel lines. I don't mean cute in a bad way like! Lots of playing with colour block and dark colours swimming in for some variety. Tweed is in and Chanel supports it! Again I will mention the attention to the neckline as there are large pearls and necklaces, seen here is a scarf, all featured in the pieces.                                                                                                                                                 Speaking of peaceful (haha), the new season four of RTE's LOVE/ HATE hit the screen tonight. If you don't watch it - do! It's all about gangland crime in Ireland's capital, Dublin. The funny/scary thing is is that the creator of the show has done so much research and spoken to so many gangland criminals to give us a real-life sense of gangland life. In the last season of LOVE/HATE we saw Darren (Robert Sheehan) leave (if you're gonna watch it I won't spoil it). It was a sad to see him go but all was well when he appeared in The Mortal Instruments :) I love that fact that he went to university in Galway, and I used to watch him in Foreign Exchange and Misfits - goes to show that if you work hard, you'll get anywhere!

Well that's all from me tonight gang
Freaky Smudge

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