Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I dreamt of stars and midnight blues

Hahha no I didn't but let's get over it :)
Smudgers, what's up?

Sometimes when we have bad mornings, noons, or nights, it's easy to just wanna give up! But I have a solution.... and a theory - it's all down to the music kids :) Today I was just not up for it and a certain walking so and so was just making me mad, but all I needed was a song! With all the right noises, I actually feel better! Here's my jam; http://youtu.be/lwnhICmxzcw - I Believe.

The Fashion has arrived again; swooping in with the Pre-Fall of 2014. Myself, I have yet to get all my bearings but don't worry, I'll be coming at ye with all my favourite pics, and of course the Freaky Smudge facebook page will be bopping with glam! Speaking of glam I did keep my promise and upload all the amazing looks of Style in the City that took place upstairs in the Stock Exchange, Galway on the 4th of December :) Feel free to have a gawk.

I'm still getting the hang of the whole Tumblr thing and as many of you faithful know, I'm not the best with technology - my phone terrifies me on a daily basis.... give me time!
("Give me time and I'll give you a Revolution" - Alexander McQueen) <- one of my favourite quotes and something I will definitely get tattooed on myself someday! I can't wait to get my tattoos, I'm underage now but when my birthday hits, oh sweet Divine, so excited :) Don't get me wrong and think I'm some stupid kid that wants unicorns on my face, I've really really thought about this and know that I'm not just getting a tattoo for the sake of showing some ink off.
Do you have a tat Smudger??? Views???

Back to fashion - I've been trying my hand to rock the 70's vamp makeup look but not too sure how well I'm doing! Awhh the 70's, eh guys??/ :)

Well now I'm rambling so I'll leave you to it!
Freaky Smudge

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