Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Music and Fashion sitting in a tree

Somewhere to Hide by the Shiny Toy Guns

 wanted to do something that brought my two loves together; fashion and music! One of my all time favourite bands are the Shiny Toy Guns :) Their latest release is this song, 'Somewhere to Hide'. While listening to this song I tried to create a suitable outfit that represents both band and song! Hopefully I achieved it :) 

My favourite band in the world is Kill Hannah! Like many bands they have many sides to their story - it could be the longing cry in my chosen song 'Promise Me', the wonder in 'Crazy Angel', or the need for speed in 'New York City Speed'. I hold this tastefully promotes the style of my favourite band :) And you see that target on the side; that'll be my first tattoo, except I'm swapping the heart for their butterfly ^_^

Anyways Freakazoids what's up???

The weather in Ireland is seriously mental tonight seeing as some random storm has hit our shores! The wind is howling (literally sounds like howling), and it's been raining all day!!! :O I have even seen several pictures on Facebook of car parks and roads flooded! 
If you're out there in Galway or the west coast today, please be careful guys; I regret to inform that several accidents have occurred today because of the weather, and unfortunately several deaths have followed so please take care of yourself!

On a happier note - Christmas is one week away, exactly ^_^ What's Santa getting new?? A new wardrobe??? 
I have been at my magazines again and keeping saying to myself, "oh I really need to get a pair of cigarette pants!" and "why don't I wear slogan tees more often?" - insane! Every year, I don't know if I'm the only one, I look at my wardrobe and I'm like "new ME!" and I'll have a feeling for how I should start the year, style-wise! I go through my vintage phases and pastels phases, and even my 'Taylor Momsen' phases, all in the search of my signature look...... I'm still not even close! I do though, have a pair of fake pearls that I bought at my first Pandora's Box and I wear them all the time! :) I remember one of my friends (I know you read my blog man and I love u :) ) turned to me and said "I love how you have your go-to pearls " (or something along the lines of that :P ) ! 


Wow that was cringe :P But anyways, check out the Freaky Facebook page for the latest pics from Pre-Fall 2014 - can't believe this year went by so fast! To be really honest, I hate New Years - always such a let down :( I don't know what people expect?! Like I do get that we celebrate the year gone by and the year to come, remember our achievements and losses.... but, and maybe it is just me, there's something in my chest or heart, like a longing... like something more is supposed to happen when we reach that 00:00 ...?? I don't know, maybe I'm just trying to reach the stars while I'm still small :P You have to grow in many ways to reach fulfillment :) 

Anyway my lovies :) Come on down to Pandora's Box at the Electric Garden, Galway from 12 - 6 pm on Saturday 21st of December - I will be selling cookies  and buns to help you prepare your tummy for all the calories you will consume at Christmas ^_^

Feeling peckish ....
Freaky Smudge

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