Monday, 30 December 2013

New Years!

Hey Smudgers! :)
Happy New Year!!!! What are your plans for the day???? Partying up with friends? Spending time with the folks? Or maybe something truly spectacular in order to start the new year the right way!

We all go for the general New Years Resolutions - lose weight, go gym, eat healthy, quit smoking, stop nagging, etc. But they're usually things that we keep for a month and then fall off the wagon. Maybe, just a suggestion, you choose some small resolutions this year! Here's mine :)

1. Blog more  - I'm really sorry that since September my blog have become few and far apart, but hopefully I can stick to this on in 2014!

2. Eat healthier - If there's a bag of crisps or jellies going I can't say no, but at least I can try. This may sound strange but I seriously don't like chocolate :/

3. Books - I'm usually very good for reading book after book but this year hasn't been so good! I'm also going to accumulate a good collection of fashion books :) help me expand my knowledge and the such!

4. Be more out-going  - I'm going to go to more events, festivals, gigs, nights out! Sometimes, happens to everyone, we lose our 'going-out-mojo' - let's get that back!

5. Confidence/ Spontaneity - Life is short and you can be afraid to make a fool of yourself every once in a while - God knows I've done some crazy stuff but eventually I've learned to laugh about it. So I guess the more ridiculous things I do this year, the more I'll have to laugh about later!

That's all I've come up with so far! I know that New Years is an annual let-down for some, including me, but I really do have a great feeling about the year to come. My 2013 has been right in the middle of good and bad - did my Leaving Certificate, got into a Fashion Design Course, went to Belgium - overall grand year! Maybe it was better or worse for you? I know there are years I never want to revisit, events I don't want repeated... We're here for a good time guys, not a long time! So don't worry about being embarrassed or what other people might think - The only person who's opinion matters is your own :) And I really do hope that 2014 will be good for all of us!
I did this last year and I plan on doing it again this year; write a letter to yourself on New Years Eve 2014 from yourself (today, tomorrow?) and write your resolutions in it and maybe something special. You may be pleasantly surprised next year by what you wrote!

STYLE!!!! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR!! - There are millions for traditions all around the globe that signify and welcome good omens for the year to come, but I think that as long as rock the New Year in with a bitchin look, then you can't go wrong!
Here's my style!!!
->> ->> ->>
Nail Varnish from M.A.C.

 Shoes from Barrett's in Galway

Dress from Public Romance 

 Bag from Santa

 Cozy shawl/scarf from Love Vintage in Clifden

Going all glitz and glam this New Years! 

And I hope you all have an amazing New Year, and that at midnight tomorrow, even if you're alone, Freaky is a blowing a lucky kiss your way! :) 

2013 Out! 
Freaky Smudge 

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