Saturday, 4 January 2014

Kick start in the bee- hind! :)

Welcome to 2014; please make sure your helmets and life jackets are securely fastened on your person!

How was your New Years kids? Mine was unexpected to say the least but just like I told a drunk friend "It's not how you start the year sweetie, it's what you make of it" - So corny but I hope it hits home for some of ye that need it! :)

Maybe you're like me; you enjoy the winter but the idea of summer is just too delicious. This summer I want to work (translation: I want money!). Yes, money and experience! I'm an ambitious person and the more I know the better :P And there's also one other thing on my mind, planted there by my friends, and I'm just a tad excited; FESTIVALS ^_^
To name one in particular, Benicassim. Probably one of the hottest places to be this summer! 4 days of sweet summer jams, with sun, water parks, and all the cheap goodies one can dream of! To be honest though I don't know much about Benicassim - small town off the east coast of Spain, 2 hours drive from Barcelona, 20th anniversary of the music festival which takes place there every summer.... And my knowledge ends there! When going to a festival there are many factors involved which people just seem to overlook completely, so I'm going to try cover all I can in this blog! :) If I miss out on anything feel free comment below! These can be applied to pretty much every festival situation!

1. Where? and When?- You want to choose the perfect place to party this summer! Whether it's Tomorrowland in Belgium or Benicassim in Spain. But you have to think of your chosen location, because Spain or Ibiza in the middle of summer is not going to be cheap! So take this into consideration because if flights are high you may want to row to your destination... And I'd start now!

2. Best sites for Flights - I found that was a good website when looking for flights. It also helps to look at using different airlines on your to and from journeys.

3. Packing - If you're a girl like me then it isn't easy to pack because you can literally think of an outfit to suit any time/ mood of the day! :P But one major fact you need to remember is that there will be 0 electricity! You will be camping, you will be smelly, and you will have a hard time trying to wash your hair! So pack light; if it a sun setting you're interested in, well you can wear the same bikini top a few times (I don't think E! is watching!) and there's no point bringing heels!
*** Remember these essentials ->> Dry Shampoo + Baby wipes + Sun screen <<- ***

4. Camping and your tent - If you're purchasing a tent with, let's say, 4 friends, the buy a 5/6 person tent to give yourselves more room! Maybe you've seen the long, tall flags that are usually placed at the back of go-karts - buy one! These can be used beside/ on top of your tent (hopefully it won't get stolen :/ ), or in the antenna of your car if you're driving. Just a suggestion but I think it could work! Some camp sites can be mucky, Oxegen is a regular for that! Before getting into your tent, I suggest placed some smooth, wide blanks of wood down for ye to sleep on; keep you nice and dry, and away from all the creepy crawlies - ugh I hate camping!

5. The experience - It's easy to think of it as yourself and your friends hanging around, listening to music and dancing in a crowd, but there are thousands of people! Thousands of people that are there with their friends, dancing and shouting - crowded to say the least. So I suggest that you and your friends come up with a meeting point so you can find each other if one gets lost. Stick to your itinerary!!! If you told your friends you're going to see some band or whatever, then go! If they need you they'll need to know where to find you, and most likely you won't have a phone because you're battery would be dead. It's sort of like when you're 5 years old and you get lost in a supermarket, separated from your parents - if you lose your friends, you will be slightly freaked, and even if you say "uh no! Not me, I'd be fine", would you really like to put a friend in that situation?? So for everyone's sake; find a meeting point, make a plan and stick to it!

6. What you got there? - No I'm not talking about drugs (stay away from them!). I'm talking about how maybe you or one of your friends have decided to bring an expensive Nikon camera to take the most memorable pics with! - I'm telling you right now it's either going to get damaged or stolen! Why not bring some disposable cameras instead :) And sure you'd look great in your $500 shorts/ top, but Penneys merchandise is just as good!! I completely understand the want to look good and everything, but no one is going to want to see your mascara run while you argue with the security about your lost goods!

7. Things you'll hear your mother say - Just be careful guys! While festivals are fun and good craic, there's also a lot of weirdos around. Be cautious of who you talk to, and don't bring valuables (just no point!). In countries like Spain or Croatia, alcohol can be cheap as chips. So before you go out, eat a meal! And know when to stop drinking; go on the water for a while. Don't be an idiot - sure you want to let loose and be free, etc., but think! And maybe take an extra day to recover before heading off home, if you have to drive or catch a plane with a throbbing hangover, you will hate the world!!!

Well that is all from me my lovelies and I do hope my tips helped! If you have any tips of your own please leave them in the comments :)
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