Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Let's bring it back, BACK TO BASICS

Today brought me back to G.T.I., back into the ole routine! In a way it's good to be back into a routine because the only exciting part of the holidays is the hype up to them, and once they actually hit you sleep in and get bored and eat too much... Then you feel guilty that you're not making the most of your holidays, and then the holidays are soon over! I am completely out of my routine and it's driving me crazy >< 

Speaking of things that drive me crazy and can really mess with my head - I can be a real hypochondriac, which is very annoying for me and the people around me :/ But in the last few weeks I've been through a bit of a health scare. There something about a thing like that that really gets into your head, messes with your thoughts, and blurs your vision. I should have known that I had nothing to worry about (just as the doctors told me earlier this morning), but with all the crap we hear about in the media and online, it's difficult not to get wrapped up in all this cancerous attitude. When I found out that everything is fine I felt as though I could kick a door down or run 10 miles - I felt AMAZING!!! 
Why can't we feel that way everyday without the whispers of disease?? That's going to be something I tackle in 2014; NOT listening to my head! Whether I have to bitch slap myself or break a finger, I will do my best to rid of these insane notions :) Maybe yoga???

Well Smudgers, I am absolutely wiped tonight so I'll leave you early and love you long time <3 
Freaky Smudge 

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