Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tell Me Something I Don't Know!

heya Smudgers!!! Or freaky follower??? (we'll work on that later...)

How is everyone?? Getting ready for Christmas??? I love Christmas so much! :) When the lights go up in Galway city - it's Christmas. When the Christmas market comes to town - it's Christmas. When that ancient old Kellogg's ad comes on telly - it's Christmas.
Fun Fact: The little blonde girl from the Kellogg's ad had a small part in Mean Girls!

Anyways, I finished my recycled garment project (a very important part of my course!) and it will soon be in the windows of the GTI Fashion Building but it's not there yet, will let you know! It looks like a wedding dress.... ok fine it's a wedding dress! Originally a flower girl dress I wore in 2006, and with a dash of inspiration from Zac Posen, I created a wedding dress. Definitely not a traditional one! In the fashion show in April I'm going to copy the Dior "Enchanted Forest" look where the models have material over their faces and put black lace over my models face when she's wearing the dress. Before that thought crosses your mind; She is a very pretty girl!!! So apparently, back in the day, you were supposed to wear black if you were not a virgin when you got married, so this is kind of my modern take on the whole situation because let's face it; nowadays you're most likely gonna wanna test drive the car before you buy it ;)
I want it to be classy, modern, powerful - But my teacher suggested I sew buttons onto the bow at the front and now it looks childish but also "cute and playful" - not what I'm going for Miss!

Anyways tomorrow GTI is celebrating it's 75th Birthday :) there will be cupcakes, clothes, and loads of other things going on on the day, which is open to the public, to celebrate this event! All profits made will go to the Lifeboats Charity in Galway so if you need to get into some Christmas spirit and give a little, come on down! And this Freaky Smudger will be on the radio - yes IMMA BE ON THE RADIO MOM!!! :P My teacher asked me today of I wanted to talk on Galway Bay fm about the Level 5 Fashion Design course and I said "uhhh... sure!?!" I'm actually really chuffed and looking forward to it! Will be on between 12:00 and 12:30 so if you have a radio or some form of technology where you can listen in, please do! I really hope I don't mess up :/ It could go like this:
Presenter: "So are you enjoying the course?"
........................................................................................ damn girl!

Tomorrow is a very eventful day indeed  - kicking off at 5:30 pm in The Stock Exchange on Shop Street is "STYLE IN THE CITY!" https://www.facebook.com/events/169313123274149/184937338378394/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity - open to the public, great night guaranteed! :)
Drinks, clothes, fashion show - you'd be mad not to go!! I can't wait to get ready and head off!
I have this cool 80's dress that I got at the kilo sale in Public Romance recently and I really wan to wear it but I wore it on Saturday at Pandora's Box..... Think I can get away with it???

Stepping away from fashion for a second - Our Pope is class :) Yes people the new Pope in the Vatican, Francis I, used to be a bouncer in a nightclub (so be nice to every bouncer now because the next one to throw you out of a nightclub may just be the next Pope!). He also used to Tango with his ex-girlfriend! And sneaks out regularly to give money to the poor of Rome <3 Gotta love this guy, you don't even need to be religious to love this guy!

Anyways I will be posting pics of all the activities of tomorrow :) So that's a hint to look at my Twitter and Facebook page - maybe you look at the page, maybe you follow/ like it!
Night freaky people!
Freaky Smudge

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