Sunday, 24 November 2013

No Sugar In My Coffee Makes Me Mean

Well my dearies how has your weekends been???
Well on Friday night I went for a girly night with my two friends - down to Kelly's for a few cocktails :) Try the Pink Lady if you like something sweet! Or my friend got a Strawberry Daquiri and my Oh My that's good :) Here's a pic of it with my Mojito. Along with the live bands playing I gotta say it was a great night!!!

Last night I went to my friends 18th party and I'm a little rough around the edges today.... It's like someone got pliers on my temples :( But what a great night! I much prefer house parties with friends than going out because it's so much more relaxed with the people you know, you can dance like an eejit and instead of randomers in a club giving you dirty looks, your friends can take videos and put them online :)

So hope you all liked my interview with Natalie Coleman :) I was able to use it for my Irish Designer Assignment in college! But now that that's done a new project has been shoved my way - my Historical Designer Assignment (the work load never ends!). This is all part of the Art Appreciation Module of the FETAC level 5 Fashion Design course. I have to say that I actually feel more prepared for this one because I already know who I'm doing and have loads of info on them :)
Charles James - America's first Courtier - if you don't know him, look him up! And if you love evening wear, like me, look him up now!

Cristobal Balenciaga - “the world’s best and only dressmaker.”

 1954 Swan Gown by Charles James 

Charles James born 18 July 1906 in England. In 1924,  his parents pack him off to Chicago, his mother’s hometown, where he began to pursue a career in fashion. At the age of nineteen in 1926, he opened his first hat shop with the support of his mother’s friends, using the name of a school friend, 'Charles Boucheron'. 
In 1928 he left Chicago for Long Island and set up a studio in Southampton. He later transferred his workshop to the Murray Hill area of Queens, New York.

James divided his time between the U.S., England, and France, creating both models for reproduction and custom pieces for high-society clients. In 1937 he made his formal Paris haute couture debut with a collection that included pieces crafted from vintage silk grosgrain millinery ribbon. In 1953, he received the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award for his Empire of fashion couture. 

On the 23rd of September, 1978, Charles James died alone and penniless in the Chelsea Hotel, NYC. 

A little history lesson from Freaky! :)
Freaky Smudge 

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