Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Did someone die in this???

How's everyone doing this week?
Well in Galway; 18-22 degrees, they said.... Be grand, they said..
They were wrong! Instead it rained but then again it's Ireland..

So at college we're still brain storming for our recycled garment project, and this morning we went on a little class trip to the wonderful charity shops. I have to say that although I didn't buy anything I wish I had, especially when I went to Candy on Sea Road (Hairdresser/Vintage shop). Very nice things! We also went to the Simon Community shop, the Good as New shop, and the Saint Vincent de Paul shop, which is a favourite of mine. Here's pics of some stuff I saw and will hopefully inspire me for this project :)  Here's two pics of some things I saw which will hopefully inspire me for this project!  
 We also spent the remainder of the day making our bags which will be able to fit all our stuff in it (tote bags made from calco). It would have been fine but I think everyone was in a weird mood today, and the iron was on for pressing the fabric and it was hot.. damn! I was one of the people that didn't have their calco in today (on the to-do list for tomorrow), but thankfully there are three massive bins of fabrics and materials so no worries there. The pocket of my tote is now Winnie the Pooh's face :) Not ideal but still good.... Tigger was always my favourite....

So Milan Fashion Week has ended with Paris Fashion Week beginning!! Some great stuff from the last week though, without a doubt. Loved the Just Cavalli collection- loads of energy in the clothing. I thought that the majority of the collections were darker than expected for me. So may Paris bring colour! So far so good!

Well my darling buds,
Freaky Smudge

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