Thursday, 13 February 2014

Freaky's Wardrobe

Hey Smudgers, what's up??

So Valentine's Day is hitting us tomorrow and maybe you need a gaviscon for all the mushy love that's travelling near and far! I hate that whole 'lonely single heart' crap that pops it's head up around this time of year; maybe you're single because no one can stand the sight of you (haha like MOI!) :) or you are just because you are! Whether you're snuggling up to a lover or a hot water bottle make sure you keep warm in this weather.
                "Dear God - WDF IS GOING ON UP THERE?!?!?!"

The weather is seriously all over the place - storms, rainfall, trees falling, and now SNOW?! People in Kerry and Cork were told not to leave their homes the last day and there were reports of a mini tornado in Mayo :O Not the season to be wearing short skirts anyway; Marilyn would have frozen her ass off in this weather!

So far this year it's been a bit topsy turvy :/ I'm one of the many students this year getting my portfolio ready for admissions into art college, and with life in a clutter I'm going to reline my chakras... Nah ta hell I'm selling some clothes :P
If you by chance find yourself in Galway city on the 22nd of February head on up to the Electric Garden on Lower Abbeygate Street where I will be selling some of my most cherished pieces! My rule: if I haven't worn it in a year I probably won't wear it again. So my stall will be called "Freaky's Wardrobe" and I'll make it pretty with lights and stuff ^_^ I've some vintage pieces and clothes from all over the world so make sure to have a look at Freaky's Wardrobe!
Speaking of Fashion and all things nice, do we love the A/W season so far??? So far my must-sees are Zimmermann, Desigual and Diane Von Furstenberg but there's still so much to see :) Check out the Freaky Smudge facebook page so you can get all your A/W 14 NYC pics and updates in a flash - :P Here's a little taster..


 Diane Von Furstenberg

This season we have traveled back to primary colours but I gotta say it's about time! With all the new high technology and experiments with different materials and the structure of garments, it's nice to be brought back to basics :) 

So that's all from me :) Let me know your Valentine's Day plans and enjoy the crazy weather <3
Freaky Smudge


Lucy Coogan said...

Desigual was great this season, I just had a look..!
And Happy Valentines Day, mine was a hot water bottle and book :)
Lucy x

Velvie Teener said...

The ideal day Lucy, you're living the dream :)