Friday, 13 June 2014

Summer time

Well my Smudgers it truly has been long but not to worry, Freaky is back!!

I'm not going to bore you with why it's been so long but life has a tendency to fly by and it really has! 

I hope you've been keeping up with all your fashion news; the Met this year honoured a couturier close to my heart, Charles James. I wish that I could have been there to celebrate his creations and see them for myself but someday :) 

I also hope that you're tuning into the Uk's Channel 5's Big Brother, and cheering for our Northern Star, Miss Ashleigh Coyle! #BBASHLEIGH

Well summer is upon us as we rock into mid Jube and all our Leaving Certificate victims tear down the walls of Secondary education! I remember mine... Not really actually it's more of a repressed memory than anything else! 

What's going on in the local around me; 
tonight in the G hotel there was a glamourous fashion show sporting pieces by Irish designers that have taken the world by storm! Garments from my personal favourite, Natalie B Coleman, were to be seen! 

On the 21st of June, Cotton Face Vintage in Spiddal will be hosting an event in celebration of their website launch :) I was on set for their first photo-shoot for the launch last week and I must say that exciting things are coming our way! 

Flea Style Market, originally known as Pandora's Thrift Box, gets ready for its 2year birthday! The thrift market takes place the last Saturday of every month in the Electric Nightclub's Factory on Lower Abbeygates Street, Galway. On the 28th of June there will be prizes go leor to be won, balloons and cupcakes :) Free entry for all from 12-5.30pm. 

Well that's all from a sleepy Freaky tonight kids, it's good to be back :)

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