Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Summer and what's it's cracked up to be

Well Smudgers we all know the hype before, during and after summer; the beach body ready, the intense bronzing sessions, and must-have sun-attracting shades! But for any college student without an unlimited wad of cash, it means plenty of time sitting on your ass or finding a job to support booze filled nights out with the usual suspects (with hopes of meeting some unusually hot strangers). 

We all torture ourselves with those Instagram, tumblr or weheartit pics; you know the ones of fit, boho trending individuals jumping into 5star pools with the sunset reflecting off their pearly white teeth. You want to be them! They're the very image of summer!! So here's a little list of must do's to cope with your minimal budget, limited days off and bipolar weather (especially if you live in Ireland!). 

1. Feed the ducks (it's a bit of good karma for you). My friends loved it!! 
2. Get a job with friends! Even if just just giving out flyers you get to have a laugh and make some $$$ (Ok It's more like $) :) 
3. Go paint balling! It's a fitness workout like no other and your muscles will ache for days but it's a good feeling when your friend has been on your nerves all week and you get to shoot them in the shin! Priceless!
4. Go to the fun fair! If like me it's been a few years why not go! Have a few drinks, eat some candyfloss and ride the rollercoaster that is the teacups :) 
5. Hot yoga. This was on my summer list with my friends and I'd give it a 100/100!! It's fantastic and you can burn hundreds of calories for those of you counting :p Find your inner balance or fall over it's a must! 
6. Camping! All you need is a field, face wipes and some Pringles, this is an easy way to have fun, I got a tent in Lidl for €20 and found an old sleeping bag- sorted! He's mid hashtag! #wilderness 
7. Go to a festival; this day next week I will be on a plane to Spain's biggest music festival, Benicassim! If you yourself are going drop me a comment :) This is also why we went camping, in order to prepare ourselves for Beni and all that comes with it. Kasabian, Lily Allen, Jake Bugg, Ellie Goulding and Example are but a few names that will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of FIB with me and my buddies :) 
8. Do something for charity! Whether it's a run, gig or just a few hours of your time, it's nice to help other people out and get your friends involved! I've done loads of voluntary work with my friends and it's honestly been some craic. And when people see you smiling and laughing on the streets they're more likely to stop and listen to what you have to say, or possibly donate a few bob. 
9. Movie night! I know it might be a gorgeous day outside but sometimes I just want to watch a movie; have a Disney movie day, and if you do watch the Aristocats because it's wonderful :) or  have a Die Hard night, which is tomorrow night for me (I know I've seen it like 9 times but it's just so good!) 
10. Go to a media launch or fashion show or some event! Try get yourself on a VIP list or just go somewhere where you can be glam, fancy and rich for a night :) it doesn't matter if you end up in Mc Donald's you'll look hot! I'll be snapping pics at the website launch for Cotton Face Vintage out in Spiddal on Saturday. It will be unforgettable, knowing the amazing Sinead ❤️ Why not come out too! 

Well that's all I've got for you guys right now but stay up to date with Freaky Smudge for your random dose 


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