Sunday, 12 April 2015


Howdy Smudgers, 

Well it's been a life on the go without an exit route for the past couple of weeks but I wouldn't have it any other way! Well unless that other way included a complimentary vehicle because public transport can be a bitch of an expense :P

We all have that song that wakes us up in the mornings or we find ourselves singing along in our mirrors to, and mine has to be 'Opulence' by Brooke Candy. 

[op-yuh-luh ns] 

wealth, riches, or affluence.
abundance, as of resources or goods; plenty.
3.    the state of being opulent.



Opulence is the word used to describe the type of lifestyle enjoyed by the aristocrats and monarchs before the French Revolution. And let's face it Smudgers, when we see the likes of the Kardashians and any other hot shot celeb that can spend money like toilet paper, while we hold up an entire queue at Costa just looking for change, we want Opulence. And we want it NOW! 


Opulence was the theme at this years London FW A/W 15 <3 So today I've decided to dress like I'm already famous! 
I'll post a pic to Instagram in a little bit, seeing as I'm writing this on a bus with 3% battery life :) But my beautiful black ballgown skirt is from Coast, my lace black high neck crop top is from H&M, and this mohair pink cardy I'm sporting is something I borrowed... without permission... and the owner will never know.... unless she sees my snapchat.... :/
As Brooke Candy's lyrics go; 
I'm a grown queen, doing grown things    Tryna find my hand underneath the gold rings     Make you get in line    Better recognize opulence,     I own everything baby
So with my pair of Vintage sunnies from Public Romance, today I owe everything! :) Though mind you I feel less than opulent stuffing my face! Instagram ( 
Now it's a lot easier to write that I'm finally home with a glass of wine :P 
So how can we become opulent and just fecking fantastic! Well I devised a list of things that stereotypically all celebs do! 
1. Wear $$$$ CLOTHES!!  Freaky Solution-> Ladies (and lads), all you need is an oversized pair of sunnies and some black clothes in your wardrobe! (remember, if you're good at lying, anything can be Chanel... well nothing Primark can!)
2. They down bottles of 'goose' :) Freaky Solution -> It's no goose but I cannot recommend enough the €3.99 Baron wine from Aidl. You're more likely to feel ever so opulent after the 2nd bottle.
3. They can afford high class coke... Freaky Solution -> if you find yourself off to Aidl for that wine then you probably can't afford the coke fund, BUT POWDERED DOUGHNUTS! (I'll never tell ;) ) Though that solution clashes hard with my next one..
4. They have rocking bodies.  Freaky Solution -> well I hear some people are working out and eating healthy but for us on (route to) the Opulent lifestyle we can just.. inhale all our nutrients from air... and stand outside the gym for a few hours, until you're satisfied a reasonable number of people have seen you! 
5. Celebs PARTY HARD** Freaky Solution -> Now I'm a true believer that life's an adventure and most nights for me don't start until after 4am and there's a trolley involved (sometimes... all the time) but go out and talk to some strangers Smudgers! Just don't be stupid... ;) Don't be afraid to take risks but take the right ones and common sense should help you there. 
6. They're groomed to perfection- Freaky Solution -> get yourselves on those living social/ groupon/ deal pages and you can get some unreal treatments for a third of the price :) or go on to youtube and D.I.Y. the crap out of yourself! 
7. Big Accounts = Big Houses & Cars $ Freaky Solution -> no one cares like do you really care about the size of Paris Hilton's bathroom or if Justin Bieber's jeep takes petrol or diesel!? It's exactly like when guys put up pictures of their cars on social networks like Tinder, because I'm only swiping right if you've renewed your tax... :P 
I've actually ran out of things, can't believe it ... but listen Smudgers, these people may gleam and glisten but their actions and personality speaks volumes just like yours! 
So go out into this Freaky world with all it's deep hunger and insane fascinations, and shine <3 
**If this post was a drinking game for every time I said opulence you would all be so drunk :)**
Well there's a little pic of me posing on Insta there so get following!!! :) Oh and for those in the Galway region of the world I am making two outfits for this year's Galway Technical Institute Annual Fashion Show ^_^ so hope to see some Smudgers there
Later Smudgers, stay shining 

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