Sunday, 30 August 2015

Insomnia is IN!!

Dear Smudgers, 

My absence cannot be explained. The roller coaster of emotion and events since my last post seems like almost a lifetime ago, yet only the other day. Maybe it's good to get back to you guys after all this time, in the middle of the night when my mind just can't stop tossing and turning. 

Maybe it's the bed-time monsters that have me startled?! Or the never ending problems of growing up?

Today I turned to my little sister and (perhaps it as due to watching "Blow" the other night that brought this to light) said, "Money is Evil". And I truly meant it; it seems to be all that's on my mind, in my conversations - and I hate it. Thinking and worrying about money makes me feel a little empty inside. Hell, even my last post to you Smudgers was about wealth! 

My sincerest apologies. 

But everything will work out. It always does. Whenever I say "I'll figure it out" whether I'm saying it on the phone or in a text, you have my word that I will figure that motherfu*k3r out 😋 it's the art of positive thinking or some crap that my beautiful mother harps on about.. 

"Read 'The Secret'!".... "I'll buy you the book about 'The Secret'!".... 

I read the blurb and the first chapter and I'm pretty sure I got the jest of where they were going with it. Basically, if you keep thinking bad shit is going to happen then you might as well stick it on your Christmas List and wait for Santa's fat ass to find you :p I think if you want something bad enough, work hard enough for it- then it's yours! If you don't get it.. well I chalk it up to "everything happens for a reason". Damn straight. 

** please do not comment with that whole "then why do natural disasters and bad things happen?!" bull - it's 5:07am and I'm not an "all-knowing" blogger with a third eye ** 



Just a thought, does anyone remember when Bebo was gas and you could find this typography website from Google that would make your writing on Bebo all cool and shammy with like love-hearts and x's on the i's?? 

Oh I just remembered this is supposed to be a fashion blog ahhaha 😭 Well Smudgers I'm selling my personals on Facebook. Just go to the Freaky Smudge page (give it a like) and you should see a link to a page "Pre-Loved and Ready to Love Again" ( give it a like, a look and maybe a share) ❤️ Lovely vintage pieces and women's clothing and accessories to be put up there in the next few days 😊

Alright that's a wrap... Lord I'm starved! 

Later Smudgers!

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