Tuesday, 3 March 2015

When London Calls, Call it Back!!

Fully refreshed and ready for some serious action!! Yes Smudgers, those of you that follow me on Instagram (addicted or what!) will know that I spent the weekend getting a glimpse of some fashion personals and partying it up!!

Heading off to London was exactly what I needed after a tough time at college where I discovered last week that I, unfortunately, failed my first semester. Loyal Smudgers that keep up with me know that while I go to a highly praised Art and Design college... I fu^*king hate it. But just because you don't like something doesn't mean you shouldn't give it your all if it helps you go where you want to in life. Ask my friends and family - I worked my ass off but clearly that wasn't enough. So after some sorrow drowning of a liquid kind, I've decided that ya know what...

          ************THEY CAN KISS MY ASS AND WEAR MY CLOTHES**********

I don't how I'll do it my Smudgers but i promise you now that someday I'll be a great fashion designer. Hell, I might even win the Founders Award of the CFDA :)

If any of you are in the same boat as me, chin up guys! I know its tough and just a right pain in the ass but as long as you believe in yourself, play positive music, and don't give up on your dreams (no matter how "unrealistic" or "ridiculous" they may be).  If it helps any Smudger right now, send me a message or leave me a comment about your dreams and we can talk it out if you want :)
Freaky's here!

Anyway London ....

Well the hottest nightclub I've ever been too is situated in Leicester Square (or Street?!) and they call it Fabric. If anyone else has had the privilege of going to this ravers paradise then you know it's a jam packed night that never ends; full of loud bass drops and enough strobe lights to send you to Specsavers!!!! Needless to say that I ended up on stage with my friend, dancing til I needed to pee. Speaking of, those bathrooms are unisex and just plain weird.
Tip #1: To turn on the taps there's a button on the floor directly under the sink that you just stomp on and then the water flows.
Tip #2: Mind your phones. They have the staff wearing t-shirts urging phone safety and then the bouncers get you to unlock your phone in front of them before you leave. Just mind the bags ladies!
Tip #3: If you don't know how to dance, no worries. Everyone there is too off their faces to care :)
Tip #4: Quiet in the smoking area. Because people in London sleep (sometimes) bouncers and staff are forever telling you to "shhh.." as to not wake the neighbours. So don't piss them off!
Tip #5: Be prepared for some big £££ - it cost this Freaky Smudge £20 to get in, though maybe it was a special night or something. All drinks are £5 minimum and if you want to use your card at all its a £15 minimum.

What I'm trying to say in a roundabout way - GET YOUR BEE-HIND TO FABRIC ASAP!

London is a historical city, a fast-moving city, an ever-changing, diverse city. From the High Streets of Oxford Street to the trendy cafes in Soho, this is a place you must experience once. Big Ben, London Bridge and Buckingham Palace are all the well-known sites for tourists but hop on a tube to be momentarily transported to someplace new. If you want quirky vintage treasures take a stroll down Portobello market, or hop on the Northern Line to Camden for their markets and artsy atmosphere.
There's so much to do in London, and it's surprising what you can fit in in a day if you don't sleep lol :P But I guarantee you'll need like two weeks there if you wanted to see and properly enjoy everything, and then you would have to come back a week later to take in all the new stuff that crops up. Whether you stumble upon an Italian tea maker, a palm reader or you see a lad piss himself in the underground station (thank God I was on the opposite platform), there's something for everyone! :)

For all you fashionistas out there, the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition is hitting the public this March so get your tickets! And of course the place is still hyped up after Fashion Week last week. So who was the designer that spoke to you the most?? Who did you love?? Who did you hate?? That's what I love about fashion kids; everyone has a style and a story to tell. London is a big part of Fashion History too. It was the birthplace of vintage Fashion shop, Biba, which was iconic in the 60's and 70's. Mary Quant (Mother of the Mini) had her shops in London. Vivienne Westwood opened her shop 'SEX' (formerly known as "Let It Rock") in London which was a haven for the Punk era.

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Later Smudgers

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