Thursday, 27 November 2014


Awh my Smudgers its a fab day when the childhood masterpiece that is "The Fox and The Hound" is on telly in the am:) Unfortunately I'm going to have to go to college in ten minutes and miss the rest! But hey that's life! 

Today is very exciting nonetheless because Freaky will be travelling up to Galway tonight for the Neostrata event - cocktails, a hand peel and skin analysis! What an evening! At the last Into The West Blogger Network #itwbn event, we were given complimentary Neostrata products and let me say that my face was so smooth and soft, you could have eaten your dinner off it! 
I'll be dolling up tonight but for college, and life, I've taken on a new approach with my fashion style; "Dress Like You're Already Famous" - i-D Magazine quote. So that's what I'm going to do! The latest edition of i-D (which I think everyone should read because it is a fantastic magazine) focused on beauty; what beauty means to people and how it effects them. We all have the potential to be beautiful, it just takes us looking at our own reflection long enough to realise it. 

My look today is inspired by the New Jersey clothing line "Gyspy Warrior" (I can't afford their clothes so I've improvised :p ) #gypsywarrior ; I've a brand new choker from Blondedge #chokeblondedge , a black sheer vintage skirt from Cotton Face #cottonface , and an "Up All Night" from Topshop. The shoes are my own D.I.Y. Disco shoes (for more on them flick through my posts). Sorry for the crappy pic Smudgers 

Well you'll be hearing more from me tonight! 

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