Thursday, 30 October 2014

When in Doubt...

Hey Smudgers, 

So it's been quite the roller-coaster lately; college is a mess. Anyone in First year Art and Design will punch you if you ever say "so you draw all day?" because we work our asses off and there's no one there to see it! It's great that out of over 800 applicants, 220 of us got in. But we got into the college, no our courses. So while we're all partying together and leaning on one another for support in this whirlwind, we're all enemies. I get a sick feeling in my stomach when I think that I mightn't get into Fashion and I'm changing my project for the 4th time! 
Right now Smudgers I'm supposed to be studying but I'm so wiped (between antibiotics and my second round of root canal treatment) that I can't even focus. 

But there has to be a way. I'm one of those people that believe everything happens for a reason and that if you wait for things to happen in your life, you'll never live. I'm going to get up off my ass after this post and work!! 

Think about it, everything around you is made or constructed by someone with a drive and a dream and a little backbone. I'm writing this on my Mac computer, listening to my IPhone - Steve Jobs WORKED! All the artists whose music I'm listening to, from Jimmy Eat World to Lady Gaga to Slipknot - they WORKED! All the clothing websites I've saved to my bookmarks, from Vivienne Westwood to Forever 21 to Drop Dead - they WORKED! 

'A Girl Should be Two things; WHO & WHAT SHE WANTS' - Coco Chanel 

I know I promised the pics of FWs but despite my hours of scanning through all the fashion shows this season, I've lost all the pictures that I loved - I really don't get technology!! I was so angry after I lost the pictures that I went shopping :/ I can't even find the hashtag key on the keyboard; fml....

Halloween is coming up with severe speed (lol tomorrow) and I will be travelling down to Cork city to attend the Freakscene Halloween event in the Savoy Hotel so expect some rocking pictures - it's supposed to be amazing! What are all the Smudgers dressing up as this Halloween?? There's two types of girls at Halloween which I love because you kind of see who is fun and who is the evil slut that just wants to be sexy :P Girls; live a little! I'll be going as a broke student so SUGAR SKULL - Loving all the skull makeup takes with this look; some are so elegant and wicked so here I go! 

Mark your calendars by the way Fashionistas because 'Style in the City 2' is coming back on the 10th of December to Galway and I CANNOT WAIT! If it's anything like last time it will be truly unforgettable and full of fun and yummy cocktails! Another thing to save up for in London is the Alexander McQueen; Savage Beauty exhibition which will take place from March to June/July - I'm going! 

When in doubt, Travel! I live by this rule too much which is why my bank account has seen better days... But I'm currently on a quest to get my friends to got to Paris with me for a few days, I just want to go away to a beautiful city and forget my troubles :) but sadly no one is really tagging along... IF I HAVE TO GO ALONE I WILL (believe!). Every day is a new adventure and a new day to be someone new. Every night the you from yesterday dies and what you wake up with in the mornings is the memories and a little baggage, but you can change everything in a day :)

So I'm going to change today because the me of today is wasting away and there's been no fun had (and no study done either..) So later Smudgers ^_^

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